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Officially, I was laid off and have a severance package to prove it, but really, it was an early retirement.  Very early, I was just shy of fifty.  When the time came to make the cut, I gladly volunteered.  I’d had enough.  Now, after two and a half years of writing, rewriting and rewriting, I’m ready to dip my toe in commercial waters and chrisgarsonwrites.com is part of the plan.

I haven’t sold a word, haven’t tried until now, but I’m no starving artist.  I provided twenty-five years of leadership as an IT executive with a Fortune 200 company.  That’s a quarter century of corporate moments, some of which have already found homes in short stories.  I was nationally known, in insurance technology circles, which is to say entirely unknown, led an organization commanding a nine figure budget not counting pennies, and spoke to thousands at industry events.

I’ve done some consulting since leaving, but mostly, I write.  If you’re a suit, or would be if they hadn’t changed the dress code, here are links to my resume and the TSGar LLC website (that’s my consulting business).  Under Shorter Work, you’ll find a collection of short stories, memoirs and essays.   Fans of Sangrar, the setting for my fantasy novels, will find page after page of geeky tidbits in the World of Sangrar, an on-line encyclopedia penned by Jerilyn Haligar, a Sangarian historian.  Jerilyn posts contains snippets from his conversations with Kandol Elf Lord and Tarik, aka the Wizard of the Blue Lagoon.


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