Snapshot: Thar to Torval.

When Gwynna turned eighteen, she came to Pel Aesylle and Kandol trained her in the Maiden’s lore.  Five years after she returned to Sangrithar, her father’s reign came to an abrupt end when Sudnar, wearing the mortal guise of Arcanicles, told Thar that he was Umbar, the Lord of Sea and Storm, lost to Heaven in battle with mad Rabyn.  With his memory restored, Thar ascended to Heaven with Raena and left Sangrithar to his daughters’ care.  As Kandol had prophesized, Averanda became queen and Gwynna priestess.  In homage to the Elder Days, Gwynna raised the Stones atop Tar-Numerath, the small hill near the shore, where she led the Maiden’s ever-increasing worshippers in prayer.

To make good on his Flame-sworn oath, Kandol sent two Elf brothers, Emerre and Maelryn, to advise Gwynna and Averanda.  Six centuries later, Avara, Averanda’s granddaughter, was slain and left no heir, or so it was believed.  Gwynna’s grandson, Dynrael, took the Pearl Throne as Sangrithar’s first Priest-King.  He ushered Sangrithar into an age of prosperity that lasted until Dark Ones lay siege to Sangrithar in the War of Shadows thirteen centuries later.

Then Ataryl, the descendent of Avara’s long-lost heir, emerged from the Dael Vyrnyn and defeated the Shadow Lord, with the help of Maelryn the Vizier.  Descended from queen and priestess, Ataryl’s power surpassed his predecessors’ and he became Sangrithar’s first God-Emperor.  He named his elder son, Ardwyn, heir, and his younger son, Halvyl, Lord Warden, and bound them together and to Sangrithar.

The reign of the God-Emperors brought a golden age to Sangrithar, an era of unimagined splendor.  Bricks of gold paved the streets, painted towers flew brightly colored pennants and all praised the Pearl Throne.  Food was plentiful, poverty did not exist, and squalor was unknown.  Then God-Emperor Arvyl the Dreamer, thirteenth in Ataryl’s line, and his Lord Warden, led Sangrithar’s mighty legions east to the Shadowgrim, the swamp-infested lands of the Shadow Lord.  Arvyl suffered a sound defeat and returned to Sangrithar tainted with shadow, beginning Sangrithar’s long fall.

One thousand years after the Dreamer, the Sangritharian empire has been brought low by the madness afflicting every God-Emperor since Arvyl’s Folly.  Torval Waverider, a shrewd and cunning monarch until the curse took him, wields the birthright of Thar who was Umbar and rules his troubled empire from the Pearl Throne.  Hali Halvyl is his distant cousin and Lord Warden.

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