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A handful of quick start articles, these should get you up and running quickly.  Think of these as the boot sector, a good place to startup your Sangrarian inquiries.

Jerilyn Haligar – As the author of this encyclopedia, here is the obligatory “About Me” link.  Not to toot my own horn too much, but it should be your FIRST READ.  I wrote The Tale of Ages a very very long time ago.  I wrote the pages on this website recently.  This short autobiopic piece may help you appreciate just how much my perspective has changed.

A quick glossary – if all you need is a one-liner, this is what you’re looking for, unless it’s someone name.  Characters from The Tale of Ages can be found in that section, there’s a listing for each volume over there.  If it’s a god you’re researching, check the Mythology section.

The Prophecies of the Ages – the Prophecies guiding the course of Sangrar’s history.

Priest-Kings & God-Emperors – there is a difference between the two.  If you’re not sure what it is, read this.

The Tree of Evil – When Sorrow entered the world, he was the first not the last evil to set foot on Sangrar.  Listed here are his descendants, true offspring and children in spirit, whose minds turned to evil.

Religion – Sangar was home to polytheistic cultures, in both the Elder Days and the Age of Mankind.  The gods were the same, mostly, across the ages, but the notion of religion changed dramatically over time.

The Devotees – the name given to the followers of the Maiden (a dead goddess from the Elder Days) in Sangrithar.

Day and Night – it’s different on Sangrar.  What did you expect from a world with three Suns?

Time and the calendar – if you don’t know the difference between Edda’s Watch and Olla’s Watch, or don’t have a clue what the holiday of Jaharnaval celebrates, then this is for you.

Firstborn and Secondborn – it’s not like it sounds.  The Firstborn weren’t really born and neither were the Secondborn.

Battle of Unending Night (aka the BUN) – the great war of the Elder Days between the Elder Races and the Dark Ones occurring at the end of the Years of Glory.  Before the BUN, the Full Radiance of the Three Suns shone eternally over Sangrar.  Afterwards, day and night shared the world, with both sides battling for supremacy over the Suns each dusk and each dawn.

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