Relics of the Elder Days

Caerycal (cair-ih-call)– The Twice Forged Sword, the Sword of Heaven and the Sword of the Prophecies, Caerycal was a weapon powerful enough to slay Gods.  A large diamond cut to resemble the Lady rested on the pommel, and its ivory hilt had been carved into the shape of an angel.  When used in combat, mithral wings unfolded from the Sword like an angel’s wings to form a guard and the runes etched in the mithral blade glistened with Light.

Chandra (chon-druh)– Nammydan’s ball of seeing that he made in the Harnae’s grove, it gave him the ability to see, but not hear, most places on Sangrar..

Circling Path, the – A stone spiral staircase of stone, 100’ diameter and 1000’ tall, that Dar found when he discovered the Halls of Ruling.  Later, he used his power of Making to lower them, prophesizing that they would remain that way until the Elder Races rediscovered the Forge Folk.

Elras’s iron staff – A stout iron staff Elras made as a child in Nammovalle’s forges, fusing song and sorcery for the first time.

Great Mural, the –A mural painted on Indalle’s ceiling, enchanted by the Dolforros’ song to provide Light for the grotto.

Hammer of Light, the – A brightly lit, 8’ tall, mallet-shaped crystal that produced the glowing crystals used to illuminate Caradar.

Ithildar (ith-ill-dar) – Nammath’s sword, originally made by Elras for Nammydan.

Jinvalle (jin-vahl) – Nammoran’s staff of power, which he made in the Harnae’s grove from a branch of the Silver Birch.

Lamp of Brilliance – a lamp made by Elras in Nammovalle, which he used to defeat a Maldok.  Later, he gave the lamp to Lazerai.

Lanyarr – Queen Lindarelle’s staff, made from the branch of a Sildar tree, a gift from the Maiden.

Seat of Stone, the – Dar’s throne in the Halls of Ruling

Treymore – Haleya’s sword.

Vilnar (vill-nar) – Nammydan’s staff of power, made from a branch of the Silver Birch.

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