In the Elder Days, Sangrar was home to myriad races, ninety-eight in all, many of which bear resemblance to creatures from your earth’s fables.  This was no accident.  All worlds belong to the Greater Realm and can inherit from them.  There is a shared, collective unconscious connecting people across the worlds, though only the rarest of individuals is capable  of sensing this, someone like Carl Jung of your world, whose work on archetypes verged on true discovery.

I have viewed many similarities across the infinity of worlds.  Fire breathing dragons abound, Elves dance through flowered forests and Dwarves have long knotted beards no matter what caves they delve.  Some of Sangrar’s Elder Races will seem familiar, perhaps reminding you of a children’s story or a favorite Disney movie, others might be as alien as a creature from Ridley Scott’s nightmares.  Even monsters across the worlds bear resemblance to one another.  Dark Ones from Sangrar’s Breeding Pits are not all that different from Tolkien’s bestiary.

Dolforro, Pangral and Ravirs, however, are more uniquely Sangrarian.  That’s not to say that they don’t have analogs in other worlds, the Egyptian sphinxes bear some resemblance to Pangral and many Atlantean tales highlight people that might be cousins to the Dolforro, but these races aren’t as rampant in the worlds of the Greater Realm as Elves and Dwarves.

The Harnae are a special case, noted with an asterisk in the annals of the Elder Days.  More powerful than other Elder Races but not as strong as the gods, the Harnae weren’t part of Deridean’s grand design, but never underestimate the Balance’s ability to manipulate to achieve its own ends.

The Primals conceived the Craeylu for one chief purpose – to bring forth the Elder Races. Towards that end, Finbardin charged Deridean to architect the Elder Races and after much thought, the Councillor revealed his plan.  When he heard what Deridean had up his sleeve, Harnor objected and asked, not for the first time, to include dragons, but Deridean refused.  When they could not resolve their differences, they came before Finbardin and submitted to his judgment.  The King of Heaven sided with Deridean, but when the Craeylu circled the Pool of Life  to bring forth the Firstborn, Harnor rebelled by creating the Harnae, who were decidedly not a part of Deridean’s plan.

Oh, BTW, at some point you should check out Firstborn and Secondborn.  You probably have an idea in your head already that’s 90% of the way there, but if you got it all right you’re either incredibly lucky or perhaps, like me, you’re a traveler from the Greater Realm.

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