First Magik anthology

First Magik:

An Anthology of Magikal Awakenings

Edited by Chris Garson

Copyright 2016 Chris Garson

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I’m Jerilyn Haligar, chronicler extraordinaire, immortal watcher of the Greater Realm.  I was born in Sangrar, a world that never was and I belong to no world.  If you’ve read my work, you might think me an expert on wizardry. You’d be right.  I am an expert.  It comes from being observant and long lived, not experience.  I’m a magical being, as my good friend Tarik has reminded me on many occasions, loathe though I was to admit it.  But, and this is an important distinction, I never practiced magik.  Magikal beings and practitioners of magik are utterly different.  I can’t call down lightning from above or bend a foe’s will.  I can’t even light a candle with magik, though my stories have put the occasional listener to sleep.

It’s true, I’ve been on a first name basis with some real spellcasting MVPs, such as Tarik and Kandol Elf Lord.  I’d put Tarik at the top of the sorcerers’ class.  Merlin and Gandalf had nothing on him.  At Kandol’s peak, he might have bested Tarik, but only because he commanded the lethal fusion of earth song and sorcery.  By the way, when I say sorcery, feel free to substitute any other arcane word you’re more comfortable with.  Sorcery, enchantments, wizardry, ensorcelment, thaumaturgy have all been used.  The word in vogue varies from world to world, but In the end, it’s all magik.  Earth song, in case you were wondering, is another animal altogether.

Before the Herald took me up into the Greater Realm, I taught history at the University at Colcester, where I came across accounts of magik that would make your jaw drop, but I had no first hand experience spellcasting.  Becoming immortal changed nothing, except that now I live forever.  I still can’t cast spells, not even the tiniest cantrip.

So, you can see that my experience with magik is entirely vicarious, but after watching Kandol and Tarik, and reading countless other accounts, trust me.  I know magik when I see it.  You can’t spend ten years at Pel Aesylle without picking up a little arcane know how.  Likewise, you can’t wander the world thrice ten centuries and not recognize the extraordinary, even if you’ve been cursed to forget everything you thought you knew.  I have a nose for magik and know power when I meet it.

I’ve watched magik performed on more worlds than Sangrar.  I’ve watched men and women of power on worlds you might think lived only in folk tales and myth (but you’d be wrong) and on worlds you’ve never even imagined.  It is always wondrous to behold and my privilege to observe and record.

One special moment I’ve observed countless times on countless worlds is the magical awakening of a newborn wizard.  There’s nothing quite like seeing the cascade of emotion accompanying a wizard’s first spell.   Sometimes it’s fear, more often it’s elation, joy, wonderment or surprise.

Usually drama precedes the awakening of power, which comes to the fledgling wizard in a moment of great need.  Fear of losing a loved one, or overcoming adversity, or something as simple as saving one’s own skin.  Some people would have you believe the way of the scholar is the path to wizardry.  I couldn’t disagree more, though I will grant you this.  If you have the knack for spells, cracking the books really helps, but the truth is, without talent, studying until the cows came home wouldn’t make a bit of difference.  You’re either born with magical potential or you’re not.  It’s as simple as that.  Think of it like this.  If you’re a Dwarf, you’re never going to make it in the NBA, no matter enter how much you practice.

For eons, I’ve watched new wizards comes into power.  I’m a chronicler, remember?  Each time, it’s an occasion worth celebrating.  Included below are a few wizardly awakenings I particularly enjoyed.  As you might expect, a number hail from Sangrar, but not all.  Yeah, I admit it.  I do have a bias for my birth world and I won’t apologize for it either.  Not only was I born there, but Sangrar was also my first assignment as chronicler.  I’m always going to give it top billing.  If I don’t, no one will.  It’s a club of one.

Table of Contents

Elgin Andelcorn – A Sangrarian tale of awakening.  By Chris Garson.

Doug Fulbright – Doug hails from a version of your world.  He’s a true believer.  By Chris Garson.

Falon Tracker – A young boy discovers wolf magik.  By Derek K., age 10

Jax Quelmsworth – If you’re a demon hunter like Jax, a little magik goes a long way.  By Derek K., age 11

Sarah – Sarah’s short hike turns into a long vacation.  By Neil Garson Porter, age 9

Sawyer Brandywine – Sawyer thought to escape his destiny by signing on with Captain Valkor, but Umbar’s will is not so easily thwarted.    By Chris Garson

Cassy – a young girl becomes a witch.  By Lily Fiedler, age 11

Sinda – Sinda wants to stay alive.  The Skulfs feel otherwise.  By Chris Garson.

I’ve watched many other magikal first encounters.  Over time, more may appear on this page.  Enjoy, noble reader.

Yours respectfully,

Jerilyn Haligar



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