The Void

I call it the Greater Realm, but to the people of Sangrar, it was the Void.  The Void is where The Tale of Ages started.  I know that this section is supposed to be about Heaven, but there wasn’t any other place to put this content and it was too important to leave out.  I mean, really!  How could I leave out the beginning of everything?  Here are the most important things to know about the Void.  Note, do not infer that everything below applies to  the Greater Realm.  Every world’s origins harken to the Greater Realm in some fashion, but each does so differently.  What follows is unique to Sangrar.

The Flame of Creation:  the source of all life

The Void:  that from which all else has come, the location of the Flame of Creation

The Primals:  Zuras (zurr-ahss) and Majestrix (mah-jess-trix), the progenitors of Sangrar originated in the Void, where they found one another

Bayonell (bay-oh-nell):  My friend, the Herald.  He led the Primals to the Flame of Creation

The Girdle:  Raised by the Primals, the Girdle was a veil of protection that kept the Void at bay, while letting the light of the Flame pass through.

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