Bacon and Eggs

Bert fell in love with Connie the moment their eyes met in Macroeconomic Theory.  First coffee, then breakfast, then a lifetime together…

bacon and eggs

2 PM and not a soul in sight – everyone had gotten the late word.  Only I was here to appreciate the beautiful white carnations and sprigs of pine lacing the pews.  By now, St. Basil’s should have been packed with Connie’s friends and family admiring how stunning she looked in her wedding whites, but the church was so empty you could hear a pin drop.  I gave myself a pat on the back – mission accomplished.

When the invitation came, I knew what it was right away. I should have just tossed it, but couldn’t, not after Talbot’s scrawl caught my eye. He’d written that the whole gang was coming and hoped I’d make it too. He was always thoughtful that way, damn him. He never had a clue.

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