Inside the Girdle

Sangrar (San-grar):  the world

Esel (ess-ell):  Raised by Finbardin during the Years of Making, Esel is the sky, the home of the Three Suns, the stars and the moons, and stretches to the far reaches of space.  Esel also exists in the divine realm and is the way to Heaven, the home of the Gods

Arra, the Sun of Heaven: Arra, (arr-uh), raised by Bayonell during the making of the Heavens, its power comes from the Flame of Creation

The Three Suns of Sangrar:  Edda (edd-uh), Imma (imm-uh) and Olla (oh-luh), the Three Suns of Sangrar, raised by Bayonell during the Feast of Creation.  Their power comes from Arra.

The Moons:  Velya (vel-yuh), Vylna (will-nuh), and Vorya (vorr-yuh), the Three Moons of Sangrar, raised by Numra and Annumbra at the end of the Battle of Unending Night.

The Darkhold:  The Darkhold was located inside Sangrar, at the center of the world.  At first Erlik’s stronghold, it became his prison when the World Walker bound it with her wards and shunted part of it to a different dimension.  In the Darkhold were the Breeding Pits Erlik used to bring forth the Dark Ones.  He ruled them from his obsidian Throne of Terror, high atop the Black Citadel, the seat of his power.

The Darkstar:  The home of Erlik One-Eye after the destruction of the Darkhold

Ardilun – a haven inside the Girdle, a remote place far from Heaven and Darkness’s reach.

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