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The barbarian conquest of Tyrnavalle began in 1196 and lasted until 1494.  Beginning in the year 1205, the barbarians from Fanar were the undisputed rulers of the sub-continent, but who were they really?

In Hali’s time, there weren’t many countries for a continent as large as Fanar.  The Empire of Sangrithar occupied most of the west and the remaining southern seaboard was divided between the Angrakor and Endiron, which had two large cities, Rockport in the west and Erinport at the mouth of the Ephel River

In 120 RT, Endiron erupted in civil war.  When it was over, the eastern portion of the country remained under control of the imperial family (the Varthanes, in power since the God-Emperors), but the western half became the sovereign state of Enlas.  The city of Rockport was renamed Enlas City and became capitol of the new kingdom.

During Enlas’s early years, Angrakorans poured in through the western border and over time, the two people became one, a rugged independent people with less pronounced foreheads.  Remembering the worst of the Varthane rule, the Enlasians wanted little in the way of government and became a kingdom of separate tribes.  The warlord Ardallin was one of many unimportant warlords until the wizard Torloch came to him in the year 1170 after being expelled from his teaching post at Colcester.  (It was one of the darker times at the University, not something that we liked to talk about.  Even in my day, more than a thousand years later, it was still hush hush).  With Torloch’s help, Ardallin begin uniting the tribes.

By that time in Angrakor, Pelavin and his dragon, Azatoth, had attracted quite a following and the hatchlings were maturing nicely.  In 1191, Pelavin and his flight of dragons joined forces with Ardallin who already had a long-standing alliance with Papachil, a wizard who had risen to power in the Shadowgrim.  Papachil came to the party with willing allies on Tyrnavalle.  He and Satal of Bayor had been working together for decades.

The horde turned its attention to Sangrithar first.  They razed the City of the Golden Star to its very foundation in 1193.  Most of the ancient buildings were destroyed, including Gloryngael.  Only Tintammil’s central dome withstood the onslaught.  Ardallin was the supreme overlord of the combined armies and let Torloch and Pelavin jockey for position beneath him.  Pelavin commanded the armies of Angrakor and the dragon riders and Torloch was the ringleader of a wizard triumvirate that included himself, Papachil and Satal,

Such a large force took time to move, it was much worse than turning a battleship.  The conquered lands had to be assimilated, supplies lines had to be established, and reserves called up, and that’s just the start of it.  The barbarian horde made good time to make landfall in 1196 on the shores of the Highpeaks.  By 1198, they’d reached Pylos and razed it.  Then they moved inland to Renk, taking it in 1202.  Last to fall was Halitai, the oldest of Tyrnavalle’s cities, in 1205.  Bayor, thanks to Satal’s negotiations, was spared.

Pelavin, now known, as Pelavin the Conqueror, claimed Renk and died there in 1205, the third year of the occupation.  His son, Pelavin the Ancient (not at first), succeeded him and ruled for 82 years.  Ardallin, the supreme overlord, founded a new city to rule from on the northeast tip of Tyrnavalle, atop the ruins of Selnor.  He named it Enlas (the barbarians weren’t known for creativity) and people started calling it Little Enlas, to distinguish it from Enlas City across the water, which they called Big Enlas.

In 1406, Pelvir II, the barbarian lord of Renk died without an heir so rulership reverted to the overlord in Little Enlas.  The overlord appointed a series of short-lived regents to handle administrative duties but had lost interest in Renk’s future.  When Murtav, the Avatar of Deridean entered the city in 1421, the regents surrendered their remaining power and abandoned Renk for Little Enlas and the palace of the overking.  The barbarian influence in Renk waned sharply then, but Murtav still dedicated his life to freeing Tyrnvalle.  In 1477, Murtav made an appeal to the overlord in Little Enlas.  It cost him his life, but in the moment of his death, Clarestor of Renk was born and 17 years later, in 1494, Clarestor struck down the overlord, officially ending the barbarian occupation of Tyrnavalle.

Barbarian Overlords of Little Enlas           Barbarian Lords of Renk

1170 – 1211              Ardallin                           1193 – 1205    Pelavin the Conqueror

1211 – 1218              Ardos                             1205 – 1287    Pelavin the Ancient

1218 – 1239              Arkadin              `           1287 – 1303    Pelson

1239 – 1267              Kadarin                          1303 – 1319    Marpel

1267 – 1274              Akeldon                         1319 – 1341    Pelaris

1274 – 1300              Kelarak                          1341 – 1348    Pellas

1300 – 1325              Akrivak                         1348 – 1380    Apella

1325 – 1337              Avorak                           1380 – 1391    Pelvir

1337 – 1364              Kaverak                         1391 – 1406    Pelvir II

1364 – 1369              Alkhon

1369 – 1392              Averanek

1392 – 1408              Karnak

1408 – 1421              Arkar

1421 – 1438              Kerinar

1438 – 1452              Arikarn

1452 – 1491              Akorak

1491 – 1494              Akor

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