#5 – Free Will

Well, it turns out that wizards can hold a grudge.  Tarik didn’t visit me the next week, or the week after that or the week after that. A full month passed before I saw his familiar form trudging down the streets of Arvon.   After all those no-shows, I hadn’t prepared one of my so-called feasts and could only offer a loaf of crusty bread and a hunk of cheese.

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#4 – Magik

“Magik!” exclaimed Tarik.  “My favorite subject!”

I knew he’d have that reaction.  For all his vaunted wisdom, Tarik was deceptively easy to manipulate.  I’d spent the last several hours regaling him with tales of the Greater Realm and my throat was parched from so much talking, despite consuming large quantities of brandy.  It was his turn to talk.  A simple suggestion was all it took.  “Tell me, Tarik.  Do you really believe the Towers the most significant difference between the magik of Hali’s’ time and the Elder Days?” Continue reading

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