Really?  I wouldn’t put it past Bill to try something with the balls, but this story has blown up too much.  I guess its over-inflated to make up for the under-inflated footballs.  Does anyone really think that the weight of the ball made any difference in the Patriot’s massacre of the Colts?

Misdemeanor or felony?  Please.  What we know as of this moment is 11 or 12 Patriots balls were under-inflated.  Who did it and why is still under investigation.  Yes, the Pats probably did something against the rules.  Yes, they should be disciplined, but that discipline should not forfeit a draft choice.

IMO, the league is culpable too.  Why?  The rules around this are absolutely ridiculous. Why doesn’t the league supply the balls?  Why don’t both teams use the same balls? Why is their a separate process for balls used with the kicking teams?  Why are the balls left unattended after inspections?




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