Time & the Calendar

Time of Day 

During the Full Radiance of the Three Suns, the day was divided into three 8-hour sections, named for the Suns.  From Finbardin, the Elder Races had an innate sense of time and their internal clocks told them when to sleep and when to rise.  They could ignore these instincts if they chose, but would become fatigued if they went too long without rest.

1)      First Watch                 Edda’s Watch             Waking time

2)      Second Watch             Imma’s Watch             Waking time

3)      Third Watch                Olla’s Watch               Sleeping time


The Calendar

The year is three hundred sixty days long.  Each of the twelve months has three ten day long weeks, sometimes called tendays.  Daes are referred to by day, week, month.  For example, “the 6th day of the 2nd week in the month of Finbardin”, which could also be written as 6/2/Fin.  The year could also be appended to the right of the month.

These are the months of the year, beginning with Kandalla, the first month of a new year:

1 Kandalla * January
2 Aeriel February
3 Lillandra March
4 Spollnar * April
5 Nyllen May
6 Finbardin June
7 Solare * July
8 Deridean August
9 Aerdran September
10 Garruth * October
11 Grandar November
12 Harnor December

* The first month of each season is named after that season’s champion.

Days of the Week

The Sangritharian week, or tenday, lasted … wait for it … ten days, named rather unoriginally after their sequence numbers:  Onesday, Twosday, Threesday and so on up through Ninesday.  The last day of the week was named Endday.

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