Falon Tracker

Falon Tracker

By Derek K., age 10

Copyright 2014 Derek K.


Falon Tracker climbed higher on Wolf Mountain.  His blond hair shimmered in the sun.  Craukbeak, the family hawk and Timberfur, the family dog, followed.  Falon broke through the line of pines to the peak.  He saw the ruins of Farnbeurg Castle.

Suddenly, a large red dragon flew overhead.  Falon swore as he pulled hit bow out.  The dragon continued to fly.  Falon fired a few arrows.  The dragon was unaffected.  It swooped down, and Falon slashed with his sword.  The dragon started to open his mouth.  Falon thought of his family, his Destiny of the Wolf.  Falon thought of every battle skill he knew.  He stuck out his hand.  Falon started to glow.  Then, a blue blast exploded and the dragon dissolved in a pile of gold and jewels.  Falon stared at his palm.  He thought, just barely, he saw the shape of a wolf on his palm.

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