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Sangrar’s Elves, or the Fair Folk as they were often called, bore no resemblance to Keebler’s little cookie makers, Santa’s helpers or those obsequious midgets in the Rowling books.  Tall, graceful and wielding otherworldly power, they were closer to the Elves of Norse myth, from which Tolkien drew heavily.

A populous people, more Fair Folk lived on Sangrar in the Elder Days than any other race and they built three glorious kingdoms, Nammovalle, Elrasirre, and Indalle, named for their founders, Nammoran the Firstborn and his sons, Elras the oldest and Indallar the youngest.  His other son, Nammydan, suffered from middle child syndrome, and came back  home like an unemployed grad student to live with his parents after studying with the Harnae in the Grove .

When the Craeylu stirred the Pool of Life, Harnor granted the Fair Folk the greatest portion of his largesse, making them powerful sorcerers.  To Harnor’s chagrin, they were also powerful in the ways of earthsong, which he considered cheap magik, and counted many channelers and earthmages among their number.

In the Elder Days, the Fair Folk comprised eighttribes, formed from the Secondborn Nammoran found sleeping along the banks of the River Daraling.  Each tribe had a distinct flavor, but on the whole, the tribes had more in common than differences.  Comparing the Wood Elves and the Wild Elves was the equivalent of choosing between Mesquite and KC Masterpiece potato chips, or BBQ vs sour cream if you were talking about the Light Elves, but it sure wasn’t chips vs. pretzels.

The Elves often married outside their tribe.  They had to, if they didn’t want to sleep with their cousins and they were free to do so without fear of recrimination from Lillandra’s Ban. The Lady of  the Hearth’s ban against love gone wrong only applied to inter-racial coupling (the Elder Days had no Rosa Parks), not to inter-tribal canoodling.  Kandol’s ancestry includes High Elves, Fair Elves and Grey Elves and he was just two generations removed from the Firstborn.  After the Darkening and then again, after the Reckoning, the numbers of Fair Folk remaining on the world dwindled to a fraction of what it had been.  There were so few of them that keeping the tribal bloodlines pure wasn’t practical.  The Fair Folk became one people, though every once in a while, the old bloodlines would breed true and a throwback was born, such as the winged Elves born in Dol Melerith.

Elves weren’t concerned with birth control or STDs.  Finbardin’s boon made them immune to disease and they only conceived when desired..  Typically, an Elven woman in the Elder Days would wait to have children until she was near her five hundredth birthday and she tended to have her children over a short span of years.  It was unusual to find siblings born centuries apart.

The Fair Folk were a tall, slender people with pointed ears, who never looked older than a young adult, the age when you’re still going to bars every weekend but kind of wish you weren’t.  The really old ones though, you could see it in their almond-shaped eyes and in their auras.  The oldest ones had the brightest auras.  In my time, they stood about six and a half feet tall, give or take a few inches either way, and were mostly fair-skinned.  They had a grace about them when they moved … like Michael Jackson walking on air.  Back in the Elder Days, each tribe had their own look, but most extreme were the Mist Elves with wings, feathered like an eagle’s, stretching as wide as twenty feet from tip to tip.

Tribe Height Complexion Hair Eyes
Fair Elves 7′ fair-skinned black, silver,white blue, grey
Grey Elves 5’9″ fair-skinned blonde dark
High Elves 6′ 6″ fair-skinned blonde, silver amber, blue
Light Elves 7′ pale golden, white amber, silver
Mist Elves 7′ pale black, brown jade (oval)
Sea Elves 6′ 6″ blue, fair, green blonde, blue, green amber, green, blue
Wild Elves 6′ 3″ fair-skinned brown, red brown, green
Wood Elves 6′ 3″ ruddy, bronze brown blue, brown
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