The Years of Making

The Years of Making, so named because the gods were busy, very busy making things, began when the Primals brought forth the Craeylu and ended when the first Dark Ones stepped out of One-Eye’s Breeding Pits.

…………. The Years of Making
An Age The Primals bring forth the Craeylu, the gods of creation, whose main purpose it to stir up the Elder Races from the primordial soup known as the Pool of Life.
The Primals reveal the Prophecies of the Ages to the Craeylu
Erlik slays Lindivar the Lord of Light
An Age Erlik flees to Sangrar.  The Craeylu follow and the Battle of Molten Fire ensues.  In defeating Erlik, golden Finbardin takes his eye and gives the Dark Lord a nickname.  Majestrix whisks Erlik away at the end of the battle and shows him the Darkhold.
Father Zuras, very displeased with the Craeylu’s collectively poor judgement, enacts the Ban of the Primals, which forbids them stepping foot on Sangrar ever again.
Erlik begins expanding the Darkhold
Finbardin creates Esel, the sky, as a gift to woo Spirit and win her heart
The  Primals populate Esel with stars, dancing constellations of light that move across Esel like an animatronic light show.
Finbardin and Spirit consummate their love, Numra and Annumbra are born
Annumbra  walks the world seven times, imprisoning Erlik in the Darkhold.
The Craeylu give birth to the Ealar, a new generation of gods who will live on Sangrar and watch over and protect the Elder Races.
Erlik’s conjures the three Erlikarrin – Cthar, Morkanis and Zara – from his nightmares.  They are his answer to the Ealar.
Elemenes create the Elehu, a younger generation of elemental gods who will live on Sangrar with the Ealar.  Collectively, Ealar and Elehu are known as the Gods of Light.  Once their act of procreation is complete, the Elemenes lapse back into eternal slumber.

Note – godly procreation is a fine example of asexual reproduction.

Lillandra and Aerdran set the pattern of the seasons into the world.  The name Kandalla, Spollnar, Solare and Garruth as the season’s champions.
Spollnar and Garruth the Laughing God become the hot gossip ticket among the gods.
Numra and Ollare, the caretaker of the stars, become a couple.
The Craeylu gather at the Pool of Life to create the Firstborn.  At the request of golden Finbardin, Deridean the Councilor has devised the master plan for all ninety-eight Elder Races (this plan excludes dragons, much to Harnor Lord of the Spires’ dismay).  The first attempt fails miserably because Erlik is absent.  Sorrow is a necessary ingredient.  Before they’re done, the Craeylu have brought forth the ninety-eight Firstborn called for by Deridean’s blueprint and the three Harnae, who were not in his plans at all.
 … Erlik One-Eye, the Dark Lord, breeds Dark Ones in the Breeding Pits.

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