Monkeys in the Palace

All hell is breaking out in the state penitentiary located in the Florida panhandle between Pensacola and Mobile.  One of the worst inmates, Hector Escandia, is on the prowl and looking for vengeance.  If Hector catches up with his nemesis, blood will spill, but whose?


The screams of dying guards and inmates and sirens blaring on the towers sounds like an Auto Tune masterpiece. Today’s mayhem is compliments of Hector Escandia, leader of the Latino gang in this backwater penitentiary located on a patch of swampland between Pensacola and Mobile. He started this riot, which has already and will undoubtedly continue presenting numerous opportunities to satisfy my unusual urges, for which he has my undying gratitude. Someday perhaps I’ll thank him personally. For the moment, all my efforts are focused on escaping his attention entirely. You see, Hector is one bad hombre with reason not to like me. He’s a lifer, a rapist and murderer ineligible for parole. They nailed him for his landlord’s wife and kids but that was just the one they could prove. He made his bones many times over – you don’t climb to the top of the slag heap handing out marshmallows. Being in the joint hasn’t slowed him down one bit. He has as big an army here as he did outside.

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