Maps of the Elder Days

First off, if I haven’t done so already, let me apologize for the crude quality of the maps and other drawings on this site.  I have many talents, most of which are archaic, obsolete or  irrelevant (do you know anyone who needs a Sangrarian translator?), but drawing is not one of them.  That’s not to say I’m lacking in artistry, I rather think quite the opposite, but my canvas is the written page.  Someday, I may get around to hiring someone who doesn’t struggle drawing stick figures, but until then, these are the best I can muster.

Sangrar – the world was a smaller place in the Elder Days.  There was just the one continent, so it didn’t have a name.  It was a more magikal place too, with rings of stone like your Stonehenge dotting the countryside.  These were places of great power and if you had the gift, you could hear the earth song murmuring in the bedrock when standing in them.  Those who could hear it were priests and priestess and to them fell the task of channeling prayers to the Earth Mother so that she could keep the Dark Lord trapped in the Darkhold.

Nammovalle – the greatest of the Elven cities , Nammovalle was founded by Nammoran the Firstborn in the elbow of the River Daraling and was famous for its towers of tiger striped obsdian, the greatest of which was Nammoran’s Tar-Caedyll. Some of the obsidian survived the Reckoning and Kandol’s Elves used it when they built new towers atop Pel Aesylle.  Kandol had a hunk of the stuff on his desk that he used as a paperweight.

Elrasirre – founded by Elras, Nammoran’s eldest son, Elrasirre was a city formed in the  branches of the Elvetur Forest, high upon a bluff where the River Daraling and the River Siradis met.  Kandol, modest man that he was, always contended that his uncle Elras was fate’s greatest soldier and he may be right.  Everything that Elras did was significant, even when he didn’t know it.  He was an Earthmage of the highest order, able to fuse song and sorcery and when he passed, his gift flowed to Kandol.  When he forged his covenant with the forest, fresh from a rendezvous with the Lady in Belecontar and resplendent with power, the trees gladly offered their boughs.

Indalle – the third of the great Elvenhomes of the Elder Days, Indalle lay inside a naturally terraced grotto only accessible at high tide.  The Elves of Indalle were led by Indallar, Nammoran’s youngest son, and the only one to ever win through Umbar’s gauntlet of storms.  Their neighbors were the Dolforro, a race of dolphin-men (think talking, spellcasting Flippers), living in the nearby underwater city of Dellavende.


Caradar – Caradar is the name of the Dwarven kingdom of the Elder Days.  After the first Congress of the Gods, Dar Highfather, the Dwarven Firstborn wandered the mountains  looking for his Secondborn until he discovered a chamber beneath the peak of Mount Tarnillar.  With hand and hammer, Dar cleaved the Halls of Ruling and unearthed the Secondborn.  And, one awakened, his people never stopped delving.  By the time the Elder Days drew to a close, the Forge Folk had delved deep, from one end of the mountains to the other, and had Kandol not pulled the world apart, they’d never have stopped.

Caverns of Gloom – Though the Darkhold lay in the center of the world, it was also not of this world.  It existed both in and out of the world at the same time.  In places where the  veil grew thin, such as Stones temporarily drained of power, dark things could slip through and enter the world.  There was one place where the veil was always thin, the Caverns of Gloom.  Those of you who read The Warrior Revealed will learn more about this place than you really should.



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