Sangritharian holidays

As in your world, customs vary from land to land.  If I were to tally up all the kingdoms over all the centuries and account for all of Sangrar’s myriad deities, there would be at least one holiday for every day on the calendar.   And, if I listed them all out for you, it would take a lot of space and, let’s face it, make rather uninteresting reading.

So, instead of listing them all, I’ll include only those holidays described in The Tale, which means that the list is 1) Sangrithar-centric 2) based on the time of Hali and 3) mostly about the Maiden, which means that they’re not celebrated outside of Sangrithar.

Kronfar (8/2/Kandalla) – a modern (in Hali’s time) mid-winter holiday.  According to the secret lore of the Maiden, the fourth sign of Arvyl’s Folly will be revealed to Her high priestess on Kronfar.  Every year since the Dreamer uttered his riddle, she has ascended Tar-Numerath and awaited the sign.

Jaharnaval (5/3/Aerdran) – a very old, very important holiday of the Maiden memorializing Leyrantha, the great Stones of the Elder Days.

Legionnaire’s Day (5/2/Garruth) – a modern holiday of Sangrithar, celebrating Handuri’s famed Grush ride to warn the city of invaders.  A great parade to celebrate Handuri’s triumph ran from the Plaza to the Coliseum every year, featuring floats like Macy’s at Thanksgiving, followed by games at the Coliseum (there’s no accounting for taste).  The day ended with the Grush run, a race between runners from every corner of the empire and a herd of saddaka maddened Grush.

Vin-Grandalar (8/2/Grandar) – this minor holiday is celebrates the Eternal Warrior, a hero of the Forge Folk who guards against the return of the Traitor on Mount Garaspin.  Though not strictly a holiday of the Maiden, only Devotees took the day off by Hali’s time.  Every holiday remembering the Elder Days fell to the wayside after Arvyl’s Folly.

Crone’s Day (10/2/Grandar) – another of the Maiden’s minor holidays (Avery used to joke that the Maiden had an awful lot of holidays for a dead goddess), Crone’s Day celebrates the onset of winter and the ancient Earth Mother’s transformation from Lady to Crone.

Gwynnday (6/2/Harnor) – this Sangritharian holiday was observed throughout the empire and it observed the anniversary of the death of Gwynna, the daughter of Thar and mother to the Priest-Kings and God-Emperors.  While across the empire, people remember Gwynna primarily for giving birth to the Lords of the Pearl Throne, among the Devotees, she is most remembered as the Maiden’s first high priestess.

Aelyrr Solessa (6/3/Harnor) – this holiday, the Day of Mourning, was observed in Sangrithar and in other kingdoms, but held the highest importance for the Devotees.  For other cultures, this holiday, which observed the anniversary of the Maiden’s death to the Dark Lord was a minor one, observed mostly out of habit

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