The Perfect Gift

Gary and Erin are getting married, posing a problem for those Gary works with. Hardly the typical couple, their wedding gift requires special thought, which Gary’s friend Karl is happy to provide …

perfect gift

Meg left the office and the manager watched her shapely behind recede down the carpeted hallway.  That particular dress, a tight knit red one that came just past the knees, was one of his favorites for the way it hugged her hips.  Meg usually wore it on Fridays, when the rest of the group dressed down.  She liked to go clubbing on West 6th Street to welcome in the weekend and more often than not, had an adventuresome story for the manager on Monday morning.

More than once, he’d fantasized about those hips hugging him, Meg’s auburn curls, parted in the middle, reminded the manager of the girl he’d met at Kelly’s Island three summers back, but what would a hot twenty-something like Meg want with a slightly overweight forty-something like him.  Sure, he’d shaved the beard he’d worn since college last Christmas and everyone told him that he looked ten years younger, but that was still ten years too many for Meg.  A good sense of humor and quick wit just didn’t go as far as it used to, now that a touch of grey sprinkled his thick head of dark brown hair.  At least he still had that, most of his friends were thin on top.

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