Dark Ones

Dark Ones – any of the evil creatures spawned in the Breeding Pits to serve the Dark Lord.

Giants – Monstrous humanoids with exaggerated features shaped in mockery of the Dwarves, standing 15’ tall and more, the giants were Morkanis’s favored troops.  Like him, they relied on brute strength.

Goblins – the slaves of the Darkhold and the lowest of the Dark Ones, these small dark green skinned humanoids with large round eyes tended the Breeding Pits.

Jixari (jix-arr-ee)– these black furred humanoids had bat faces, skin the color of night and a score of silvery antennae on their heads.  Masters of fear and illusion, these dark savants of Cthar wielded terrifying mental powers.

Maldoks (mal-docks) – the most terrifying of Erlik’s creation and the Dark Lord’s favorites, these 10’ tall demons had huge beetle heads with red-faceted eyes and iron-like mandibles.  Standing on black scaly legs, their upper bodies had purple skin, crimson fur, and their arms ended in sharp three-taloned claws.  They were masters of fell sorcery and the other Dark Ones cowered before them.

Pit Hounds – Black, dog-like creatures with bristling fur wet with rancid oil, they stood nearly five feet tall at the shoulder.  Their eyes were deep crimson and their sharp fangs dripped foam.

Orcs – similar to Goblins, but stronger and more bestial looking, Orcs were the most numerous Dark Race and foot soldiers in the Armies of Darkness.

Scarags (Scare-ags) – eight foot long, six legged, dark green rock-tearing beetles.  Dim-witted and difficult to control, they often escaped into Caradar when the Runesmiths worked The Ring Forges.

Skulfs (Skulfs) – wolf-Scarag hybrids brought out of the Breeding Pits during the Age of Man, Skulfs had beetle-like heads attached to wolf bodies and were among the most common Dark Ones.

Trolls – 10’ tall brutish misshapen beast men, with sharp claws, jagged teeth and green and brown scaly hide sprouting black bristly fur.  Stronger than orcs, but dumber.

Ulgarja (Ool-gar-jah) – 20’ and longer, Ulgarja were poisonous squid like masses of rubbery tentacles.  Zara was the Queen of the Ulgarja and lived among them in the Darkhold’s fetid pools.

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