The Years of Glory

The Years of Glory, aka the second half of the Age of Creation, is when most of the action took place.  This is also the name for the first half of the Elder Days, those years before Sorrow entered the world.

Year The Years of Glory
1 The Firstborn touch down at Jahar where the gods have assembled to greet them.  Lillandra does most of the talking and forbids the Elder Races from mingling lest love go wrong and allow Sorrow to enter the world.
3 Nammoran, Firstborn of the Fair Folk, finds the Harnae and begins his education in the Grove of the Silver Birch
17 Dar Highfather, Firstborn of the Dwarves, finds the Halls of Ruling and awakens the Secondborn Forge Folk
18 The delving of  Caradar begins, a task the Forge Folk never finish.  From then until the end of the Elder Days, they delved and delved and delved.
135 Dar II, the son of Dar Highfather is born
157 Nammoran completes his training with the Harnae
160 Nammoran finds and awakens the Elven Secondborn.  The Elven tribes settle the Elvetur.
229 Darig, son of Dar II, is born
232 Daladorn, son of Dar II, is born.
248 Haleya, Secondborn chief of the Wild Elves, leads his tribe to the northern reaches of the Elvetur.
294 Daladorn builds the Rune Forge bearing his name.  It is one of the few artifacts to survive the end of the Elder Days.
350 Cerelim, Secondborn chief of the Sea Elves, leads his tribe to the islands of Orlos.  They make their home on Jali, one of the larger islands in the chain.
402 Tildienne, daughter of Haleya is born.
563 Viranor, Secondborn chief of the Fair Elves marries Belynda.
572 Ylindelay, daughter of Viranor and Belynda is born.
584 Tildienne, the daughter of Haleya, is transformed into a deer by the god Sudnar
600 Nammoran the Elven Firstborn founds the city of Nammovalle on the banks of the Daraling River
650 The city of Nammovalle is completed
650 Nammoran weds Ylindelay
680 Elras, the eldest son of Nammoran and Ylindelay, is born
683 Nammydan, the middle of Nammoran and Ylindelay’s three sons, is born.
685 Elras and his friend Lindal, the son of Lindarelle, Queen of the Wood Elves, are saved from drowning by Sudnar.  Elras makes his staff.
687 Indallar, the youngest son of Nammoran and Ylindelay, is born
919 Nammydan leaves Nammovalle to train with the Harnae in the Grove of the Silver Birch
922 Prince Sunome of the Dolforro visits Nammovalle.  Elras awakens his Pearl.
953 Indallar heads down the Daraling on The River Runner with Harandal to begin his voyage
956 Indallar finishes construction on his ship, The Blue Horizon
958 Indallar sails up the eastern seaboard
964 Indallar navigates Umbar’s gauntlet in the Boiling Bay
967 Indallar finishes exploring the northern shores of Sangrar
969 Indallar bids the Halflings in the Westlands adieu
970 Indallar  says farewell to the centaurs and arrives at the islands of Orlos where he meets Selenna, the daughter of Cerelim.
971 Nammydan ends his training with the Harnae prematurely to savee Elryssa from  Ulgarja poison.  They marry at Jahar, where the Earth Mother and Humak the Beast Lord witness their vows, and then return to Nammovalle.
972 Indallar and Selenna wed.  Construction of Indalle, the terraced Elvenhome in the grotto of Indalle Cove, begins.
1028 Ilnaya the Swan Princess, the eldest child of Indallar and Selenna, is born.
1031 Indis and Andis, Indallar and Selenna’s twin son and daughter, are born.
1038 Elras leaves Nammovalle on a quest
1041 Elras says farewell to the Satyrs, with whom he’s been living.
1042 Nammath, son of Nammydan and Elryssa, is born in Nammovalle
1046 Kandol Elf Lord, the younger son of Nammydan and Elryssa, is born in Nammovalle.
1049 The Great Mural on the roof of Indalle Grotto is lit, signifying the city’s completion.
1056 Elras meets Prince Aeris of the Mist Elves and Terriance, the son of Lazerai the Pangral Queen.
1056 Elras vanishes from the face of Sangrar.  Only the gods know where he is (and only some of them) and now you know as well.  He was taking time off inside Belecontar, the Winking Star.
1131  Indallar and his family travel to Nammovalle and then Jahar for Andis’s Test.  Andis trains with the Ravirs and then meets her cousin, Nammath, in the forest.  The Stones proclaim her the eyes of the world.  Nammath passes into the westlands to begin his service to the Beast Lord.
1131 Elras frees Tildienne from her curse and they wed.  He makes his covenant with the trees and begins growing Elrasirre, the Living City.
1135 Lindal joins Elras in Elrasirre
1151 Kandol leaves Nammovalle to study sorcery with the Harnae in the Grove of the Silver Birch
1182 Elras makes contact with the Forge Folk, who have been delving in solitude since their Secondborn woke.
1194 Elnos, the son of Elras and Tildienne, is born in Elrasirre
1197 Elrasirre is deemed complete after construction finishes on the Tower of Sorcery (no relation to the towers Harnor erected during the Reckoning.  The name is all the two have in common.)
1199 Elras forges Caerycal, the Sword of Heaven, the twice-forged sword foretold in the Prophecies of the Ages.
1199 Elnos is kidnapped.  Elras rescues him but dies while doing so, the first death of the Elder Days, shattering the idyllic peace the Elder Races have always known.
1200 Tildienne, her brother Tyrin, Lindal and Haleya become regents of Elrasirre until Elnos is old enough to rule.
1244 Elnos is coronated King of Elrasirre.
1244 Elnos rescues Darig by defeating Karandal the Maldok lord
1279 Kandol returns to Nammovalle after completing his training with the Harnae
1392 Indis, Prince of Indalle, marries Jerylla, a Sea Elf
1423 Kandol leaves Nammovalle to study with the Light Elves in Alyrre
1441 Invar, the son of Indis and Jerylla, is born
1445 Embyrl, the daughter of Indis and Jerylla is born
1488 Kandol Elf Lord marries Velora, the daughter of Arethnal, the Secondborn chief of the Light Elves
1506 Kanlyth, the older son of Kandol and Velora is born
1510 Kandollan, the younger son of Kandol and Velora is born
1562 Kandol and his family returns to Nammovalle from Alyrre
1602 Embyrl and Sunome’s love is forbidden by Celetran, the Lady of Esel
1602 Prince Golvarn meets Caeryn the Mist Elf
1809 The Forest Elf kills Karg Rockhammer in the Westlands
1944 Dorn, the architect of Caradar and son of Dar Highfather is slain.
2844 Love gone wrong allows Sorrow to enter the world.  The Dark Lord escapes and the Battle of Unending Night ensues.

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