Characters appearing in Scales over Sangrithar

A list of characters from The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly and Madness Ascendant.  I’ll update this list after Spirit’s Legacy is complete.

Aeris – Elven King of Dol Melerith

Aescalia Auberc – a dowager countess, mother of Count Vand Auberc

Alcestra – servant in House Fellstar

Altero Whysteri – the Baron of Danfarthing

Altheri – a Humadin priestess of the Seeress

Antaer – a child in Cormane

Antiki – Gloryngael’s cook before Brussa

Antiron – chief engineer of the legions during the time of Arvyl the Dreamer

Avashar – Hali’s charger

Avery Tavistern – High Warden of the infantry.

Baricles – a chocolatier

Bellarie – Kanlyth’s wife, a Sea Elf from Jali

Bendar Barfield  – a landless baron from the merchant district.

Berris Varthane – Feltin’s son

Biraeus – a rogue in the Fins and brother of  Porticles

Blade – the mysterious leader of the Fins and Tomello’s silent master

Brussa – Gloryngael’s cook

Bursin – an Averchai legionnaire

Calif – a Colcester trained blacksmith living in Cormane

Campelli – a Master Warden in the cavalry

Cantalor Fagan – High Warden of the cavalry, aka Horsemaster

Carantaxes – a false hero of Arvyl’s Doom

Cardossa – an apprentice blacksmith in Cormane

Castiphora – the Seeress’s high priestess

Celle Halvyl Waverider– Hali’s sister and wife to the God-Emperor Torval Waverider

Cerynna – the Maiden’s high priestess before Hermyna

Chelsea – a child in Cormane

Ciara – serving girl in Gloryngael, a slave

Cymara – Hali’s deceased wife

Daerycil Belsor  – High Warden of the Averchai

Dalia – a child in Cormane

Dantaris – Hearthstone’s liveryman

Dilvarus Sandoval – dean of the university at Colcester

Drusylla – former High Priestess of the Maiden

Dul Varthane – Emperor of Endiron

Elsbeth – daughter of Baron Xander Lessari

Embyrl – an Elven sorceress, the Spear of Indalle, the Lady of the Reef, the Surf Maiden

Emerre – an Elf living in Sangrithar, aka the Gloryngael Ghoul

Ergali – an Averchai legionnaire

Estan Phaerizal – a mercenary wizard from Endiron

Fafingard Tuldari – a guard at Gloryngael’s gate, Lyddi’s grandfather

Fallan – Sofyrra’s boyfriend

Falnori the Blue – ancient baron of Tanylcar

Fandichio – master of ceremonies at the Coliseum

Feltin Varthane – grandfather of Emperor Dul Varthane

Gerlais – a page in Tintammil

Gestarre Redhook – owner of The Golden Whale, an inn in Old Town.

Gethuras – an Averchai Master Warden

Grenshar – an apprentice blacksmith in Cormane

Hali Halvyl – Lord Warden of Sangrithar’s legions

Halimir – Hali’s father is mentioned for the first time

Halivan – Hali’s deceased son

Handuri – an ancient legionnaire famous for riding a saddaka maddened Grush

Hermyna – the Maiden’s high priestess at Tar-Numerath and Hali’s distant cousin.

Hirandal – a wandering Elf, aka the River Lord

Hotepitas – Bardalla of the Lucatakka

Hubert – a Master Warden in the navy

Ilnaya – Elven Queen of Dol Melerith

Ivrael Landella – High Warden of the navy, aka the Admiral

Jabon – A Master Warden of the infantry

Jafal Ordalli – an infantry Master Warden

Jalkari Malacor – a landless baron

Jiru – an Averchai legionnaire

Johanna – one of Hermyna’s acolytes

Kandol Elf Lord – high king of the Fair Folk

Kandyllyth – Kandollan’s son, born in Nammovalle

Kaphiri Fellstar – a Master Warden, Hali’s adjutant and best friend

Kellandra – a Devotee, she owns an eatery in Old Town

Kildani – captain of Orvandal’s guard

Krystaen – one of Hermyna’s acolytes

Laturo  – trader from Tanylcar on his way to Sangrithar

Lazerai – Pangral Queen and Firstborn

Lophiro – an Averchai Master Warden,

Lyam Bengaran – commander over Tanylcar’s forces

Lyddi Tuldari – one of Celle’s handmaidens and Fafingard’s granddaughter

Maelryn – an Elf living in Sangrithar, aka the Vizier

Magda – Warin’s knitting wife

Manchiro – the steward of Gloryngael, a slave

Mandakata – a Lucatakka warrior

Maxis Veltyr –  a noble ambassador from Endiron

Millicent Navari – one of Celle’s handmaidens.

Mirakor Djen – the Marquis of Umbari province

Miramani  – Hotepitas’s granddaughter

Mott – gentle giant, ex-gladiator who works in the kitchens, a slave

Myrkada – a child in Cormane

Myselle –Kandollan’s wife, a high elf from Nammovalle

Nammora – Kanlyth’s daughter, born in Nammovalle

Narvallon – an ancient Elven smith living in Elrasirre during the Elder Days

Natala Lorhausen – one of Celle’s handmaidens

Nicor Bandalos – a country gentleman from Tanylcar

Nicor Ullami – the Count of Highridge

Nirani Lessari – wife of Baron Xander Lessari

Olantor Videssyn – the Marquis of Videssyn

Padiera Linveldt – chief handmaiden to the Empress Celle

Parvena – mother of Johanna, one of Hermyna’s disciples

Phaetar – an Averchai Deputy Warden

Phiraeus – a physician

Porticles – a civilian attending the parade on Legionnaire’s Day

Pranith the Golden – King of the Principality of Jeheris.

Raynard Barginali – the Marquis of Lorvale

Renjarro Palluri – a Deputy Warden in the Averchai

Ritteman Kalduri – an Averchai legionnaire

Roteri Jennilson– a soldier in Cormane

Rukha – a feral wolf creature

Salkari – a long dead baron and lord of Castle Moonstorm

Shavrakar – a Ravir

Sidara – a priestess of Lillandra living in the hills near Hearthstone

Signor Pelthane Orvandal – a merchant and minor noble of Endiron descent

Signor Persanjay – a nobleman incinerated by the G-E

Sintari – former legionnaire and innkeeper, owner of The Steel Boot

Sofyrra – one of Hermyna’s acolytes

Sulliri the Fleet – a legendary Grush runner

Ta-Erkul – savage hillmen who follow Erlik One-Eye

Takasi – a child in Cormane

Talliri – another false hero of Arvyl’s doom, Talliri lived before Carantaxes

Tanzal – a soldier in Cormane

Tarril Sternbough – the Baron of Greenwood

Teldra Marcova – commander of Umbaris’ forces

Teramon the Red – the street prophet

Tergrim the Bold – ancient baron of Tanylcar

Tikematu – leader of a Lucatakka warband, son of the Bardalla Hotepitas

Tiraz – an Averchai legionnaire

Tomello – a rogue

Trout  – a kitchen slave

Tukalanda – Tikematu’s son

Tukir Evari – a guard stationed at Gloryngael’s gate

Tyrias – an aide to High Warden Avery Tavistern

Valdynessa – the Maiden’s high priestess before Cerynna

Valyrra – one of Hermyna’s acolytes

Vand Auberc – a prominent landless Count

Vandal – a veteran guard in Cormane

Varanthes –  an Averchai Master Warden

Velora – Elven Queen in Pel Aesylle; Velora of the Dancing Veils, the Faerie Queen

Verganon – a child in Cormane

Vescia Varthane – Feltin’s daughter

Warin – farmer who gave Renjarro a lift to Castle Wyndgarde

Wizard of the Blue Lagoon – a wizard living on Tyrnavalle

Xander Lessari – the baron of Cormane

Xandrachaeus Lessari – son of Baron Xander Lessari

Zakari Maldane – the Baron of Tanylcar

Zirkali Maldane – Baron of Tanylcar after Zakari

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