Cities of the Elder Days

Aerie, The – The home of the Mist Elves in the high cliffs of Elvetur’s eastern shores.

Alyrre – (ah-leer) – The secluded vale of the Light Elves in western Elvetur, not far from Jahar.

Askari (ah-skarr-ee)- The clan halls of the Black Dwarves, the healers of Caradar.

Aurvald – (Or-valld) – The clan halls of the gold Dwarves, the treasure seekers of the Forge Folk.

Calisende – (Kal-ih-send) – A coral city of the Dolforro located in the Sea of Noontide, Calisende was sung into existence by Queen Perllinora the Firstborn.

Caradar (Cair-ah-darr) – The name of the Dwarven nation lying beneath the Mountains of the Forge Folk, founded by Dar Highfather the Firstborn, who ruled from the Seat of Stone in the Halls of Ruling, beneath Mount Tarnillar.

Dakhavar (Dah-kah-var) – The clan halls of the Forge Dwarves, the clan producing the most Runesmiths.

Dellavende (Dell-ah-vend) – A coral city of the Dolforro, sung into existence by Prince Sunome, and located in the Serpent Reef near Indalle Cove.

Elrasirre (ellrah-seer) – The City of Trees, the Living City, the City of the Covenant; located where the Rivers Daraling and Siradis split, Elrasirre grew in the boughs of the Living Forest.

Elwarre (ell-wahr) – Elwarre was the name of the Wood Elves’ realm and the name of the oak tree in which their queen lived.  The tree was a gift from Shamran to Queen Lindarelle,

Halidar (Hal-ih-dar) – The home of the Wild Elves in northern Elvetur, they later abandoned it for Elrasirre.

Indalle (in-dahl) – The City of Tides, the City of the Grotto.  The terraced city of Indalle was inside a huge grotto, accessible only at high tide, not far from the mouth of the Lorelin River.  Outside the grotto was Indalle Cove, which was hidden from the casuel eye by the great Serpent Reef marking Dellavende.

Irondeep – The clan halls of the Deep Dwarves, the finest craftsmen of the Forge Folk

Jali (jah-lee) – The main island of the Islands of Orlos and the home of Cerelim, King of the Sea Elves.

Merrivaun (mare-ih-vawn) – The vales of the Halflings, nestled in the Westlands.

Nammovalle (nahm-oh-vahl)– The City of Brilliance, the Fair City, the first and greatest of the High Elven kingdoms.  Founded by Nammoran the Firstborn and built along the banks of the River Daraling, Nammovalle was the jewel of the Elder Days.  Nammoran lived in his tower, Tar-Caedyll atop Mount Tireal in the center of the city.  At the base of Mount Tireal was Val-Sari, a black and orange obsidian wall that surrounded the hill and the famed Gates of the Pegasus.  A ring of trees named Val-Omyrr, the Ring Wall, grew near the river, protecting the city to the north, west and south.  In the eastern part of Val-Omyrr was Najahar, Nammovalle’s Ring of Power, and beyond Najahar was Outer Nammovalle.  At the eastern edge of Outer Nammovalle was the third of Nammovalle’s walls, Val-Tyral, the Forest Wall.

Redhaven – The clan halls of the Blood Dwarves, tattooed warriors famous for their blood rages.

Silverstone – The clan halls of the Silver Dwarves, a clan of warriors born.

Stonedan – The clan halls of the Hammer Dwarves, the best miners of the Forge Folk.

 Valdan – The clan halls of the Earth Dwarves, the druids of the underworld.

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