Jerilyn’s story

Jerilyn Haligar is the voice behind the online encyclopedia devoted to the World of Sangrar. This is his story, or at least part of it, told well after Sangrar had turned to dust and been forgotten


One look in my direction and your eye might wander right on by.  Two and you’d guess I’m in my late fifties, closing in on my gold retirement watch and have three grown kids one of which is gay.  Nothing special about me, your inner voice would whisper and it would be wrong.  I’m a lot older than that, but don’t ask me how old.  Time runs funny in the Greater Realm and I lost count long ago.  When you’re immortal, you don’t care about keeping track.  I understand if you’re skeptical.  I was too, at first.  It took Tarik a year of Sundays to convince me.

Unless you’re a one page visitor mistakenly sent my way by the Google gods, you’ll spend a lot of time here boning up on Sangrar, my first world.  I’ve been watching yours long enough to appreciate the glory of Rome and get the hang of the web.  It’s impressive magik.  This site is chock full of Sangrarian lore, compiled and annotated by yours truly.  If you hunt around, you might find a nugget or two about Tirel also, even though that world wasn’t part of The Tale of Ages.  You’re either a fellow traveler of the Greater Realm or, more likely, an Earth born reader of The Tale who wants to learn more about Sangrar.  Either way, I’m glad you found my home page.

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