I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for … Gingerbread?

You’d think acquiring a smartphone a simple enough task, but it’s a perilous path to tread. For your next contract, you’d be wise to consider a Faustian deal instead …

i scream

“Would you like the mobile recovery option for your Samsung Stratosphere, sir?” Alan asked.

My thoughts drifted back to when it had all begun six weeks earlier, the day I replaced my ancient smartphone.  I know, ancient smartphone is an oxymoron – I’m trying to make George Carlin proud.  Seriously, everything’s relative and by today’s technology standards, my trusty Droid was indeed ancient, but I didn’t upgrade because some tech mag told me I had fallen behind the times.  I did it for a far more practical reason.   My son is six years old and six year olds don’t sit still very long.  With my trusty old Droid, he could run to another zip code before my camera could load.  My SIM card had way too many pictures of his cheesy “I know you’re taking my picture” smile (he loves to ham it up), and not nearly enough candid shots of him swinging from monkey bars, climbing the merry-go-round or playing with his sister in the clubhouse.

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