What is Smashwords?

Smashwords is the self-publishing website I’m using to make my work available to you, my adoring public.  My web pages will provide links to the correct Smashwords pages.  Once on Smashwords, you can download my work in whatever format you and your ereader prefer.    Smashwords does not offer a print-on-demand function.  For now, you’ll have to enjoy my work digitally or print it yourself after downloading it.

If you’re using an iPad, iBooks will work just fine.  If you’re on a PC and don’t have an ebook  reader, you can click here to download the Adobe Digital Editions.  It’s free.

You can also purchase my work from the iBookstore using iTunes and other major online bookstores, including those listed below.  From time to time, I’ll provide discount coupons on chrisgarsonwrites, but you can only redeem them on Smashwords.

Barnes & Noble (nook)

Sony Bookstore

If you have technical questions, try the Smashwords FAQ.  It’s contains lots of good tips on file formats, readers, and moving your digital assets between devices.  This link also tells you how to read my work using a Kindle.  At this time, Smashwords does not have integration with Amazon, so you can’t purchase my work there.

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