The Prophecies of the Ages

“The Years of Making shall unfold as you do our will and prepare the world for the Elder Races.  The Firmament shall be raised for the Suns and Stars and you shall make the Gods of Light.  The Pattern of the Seasons shall be made and the Elder Races shall arise, bringing with them the Years of Glory and the Elder Days, which shall be great beyond imagining.  Songs praising them shall echo to the stars and back.  Continue reading

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Garden of the Gods

This scene is ripped from the pages of Madness Ascendant.  

After leaving the villa, he and Hermyna cut across the Plaza using the Garden of the Gods.  The garden, a magnificent park in the Plaza, was quieter than the bustling Plaza and empty of Averchai.  One of the few places in Sangrithar retaining the glory and splendor of yesteryear, the garden was a gift from Thar who was Umbar before he returned to the Heavens. Continue reading

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The Pool of Life

This scene is ripped from the pages of The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly  

Maelryn the professor smiled, pleased with his student.  “Now that, friend Hali, is the right question.  The Craeylu gathered in Heaven around a pool, into which they poured their essences, imbuing it with the power of creation, and from this pool of life they pulled forth the Firstborn.  Ninety-eight times in all, a hundred and one counting the Harnae, who were both more and less than Firstborn, the gods stirred the primordial soup, and each time a Firstborn emerged, each new and different from the last, each holding the gods’ gifts in different proportions.” Continue reading

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