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Thanx for visiting ChrisGarsonWrites!  This site is for people who enjoy reading fiction. I write full length novels, short stories, flash fiction (really short stories) and non-fiction.  My newest novel is Perk Noir, a piece of contemporary fiction about jazz, coffee, football and ninja girls.  It’s got something for everyone – humor, mystery and romance.  Give it a try, I guarantee it will surprise you.

I also write an epic fantasy series titled The Tales of Ages which is set in the world of Sangrar.  The Tales are narrated by a character named Jerilyn Haligar.  The World of Sangrar  includes dozens of free short stories disguised as encyclopedia entries about the setting.  Jerilyn’s Posts contains Jerilyn’s musings on a variety of topics.  It’s the only Sangrarian blogroll in existence.

Two novels from The Tale of Ages (Volumes 1 & 2 of the Scales over Sangrithar trilogy) are currently available:    The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly and Madness Ascendant.

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Who won the first presidential debate..

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Listen to your heart, Tristan

I’m sure I speak for many Cavalier fans when I tell Tristan Thompson how much I love him in the wine and gold. I love your energy. I love your hustle. I love the way you crash the boards. I love the way you’re there for us, every game. You’re an iron man with endless energy. You’re an energizer bunny. You’re important to this team. You showed us that with your gritty play in the post-season. Continue reading

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Really?  I wouldn’t put it past Bill to try something with the balls, but this story has blown up too much.  I guess its over-inflated to make up for the under-inflated footballs.  Does anyone really think that the weight of the ball made any difference in the Patriot’s massacre of the Colts? Continue reading

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