Brush up on your Perk lingo!

Perk Noir – the one-of-a-kind jazz coffee shop featured in the amazing mystery rom-com, Perk Noir by Chris Garson, available now on Amazon!

Earl “Lighting” Perkins – a legendary African-American jazz and blues pianist; founder of Perk Noir.

Perkhead – a Perk Noir regular sipper.

Perkmeister – a Perk Noir staff member.

Perklore – the study of all things Lightning, i.e. the collective body of knowledge concerning the life and times of Lightning Perkins.  His rules, his lessons, his music, his friends, his coffee, his story, all were Perklore.

Perklore kensai – a Perkhead who has mastered Perklore.  When the story opens, Brett Barlow is the only Perkheads to have achieved this illustrious rank.

Perkaparaphernablia – a method of teaching and expression reliant upon Lightning Perkins parables and paraphernalia

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