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The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly and Madness Ascendant represent the first two volumes of the Scales over Sangrithar trilogy.

This trilogy belongs to a larger body of work, The Tale of Ages, which chronicles the history of Sangrar, the Tale’s setting.  As currently envisioned, the Tale consists of the following volumes

Volume 1:  The Sword is Forged             Status:  1st draft on the shelf

The Sword is Forged takes place in the Elder Days.  It tells Sangrar’s origins and the story of the Warrior, the Prince and the Priestess, the three heroes foretold by the Prophecies of the Ages.

Volume 2:  The Warrior Revealed            Status:  1st draft on the shelf

The Warrior Revealed also takes place in the Elder Days.  When Ilnaya the Swan Princess is kidnapped from a celebration honoring the lost Stones, Kandol Elf Lord, Aeris and Valdarag vow to rescue her.

Volume 3-5:  Scales over Sangrithar trilogy 

The God-Emperor, a descendant of the god Umbar, Lord of Sea and Storm rules the mighty Sangritharian Empire.  But, his divine power is driving him insane and now Sangrithar is falling into ruin.  Hali, called hero by some and villain by others, commands his legions.  No longer can Hali stand idly by and watch the God-Emperor destroy Sangrithar.  Scales over Sangrithar tells his struggle to save the country he loves so dearly

Volume 3 – The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly      Status:  available now on Smashwords

Volume 4 – Madness Ascendant               Status:  available now on Smashwords

Volume 5 – Spirit’s Legacy                         Status:  in the midst of detailed planning

Volumes 6-8:  Untitled Trilogy                       Status:  I know how it ends 🙂

This final trilogy tells how the Prophecies of the Ages are fulfilled in the manner foretold.  The story is set, in part, on the Tyrnavalle sub-continent two thousand or so years after Scales over Sangrithar.


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