Okay, I’ll admit to a slight personality flaw.  I’m somewhat OCD – it’s mild, not heavy duty – and it manifests in my need for organization.  I am a historian first by trade remember, so this shouldn’t be too much of a shock to you.  Many people plying my trade suffer from the same disorder.   The same obsessive traits that can lead to a rubber room if not caught come in quite handy when you’re responsible for observing, recording and filing everything that happens.  Without some sort of filing and retrieval system, there’s just no point to it.

Why am I telling you this now, on this page titled “People”, which, on the surface seems an odd place for this rant?    Well, it’s because I wanted a place on the site to put material relating to the main characters in The Tale of Ages, and I’ve struggled with that more than I should have.

I have character lists under The Tale of Ages menu tab – lots of names, not much on who they are.   Great as a reference, terrible if your’e looking for insights.  I also have the “Important Stuff to Know” page, but that’s meant to be a short list on things you might not know about Sangrar but should.  The glossary (one of those important things to know) is a possible landing page for character descriptions, but it feels out of place and when it comes to organizational approaches, I’ve learned to trust my instincts after 30 years in the classroom.  Clear thinking, structure and organization were my true teaching assistants, without them I’d have struggled to compare Sangrithar’s third century wave of imperial expansion to the colonization of Tyrnavalle.

So, at the risk of extending the menu bar to a second line, I’ve added a People tab to the site.  Here, you’ll find writings on the main characters from The Tale of Ages.  Not every character, for that you will need the character lists mentioned above, but the ones that matter most.  In some case, I’ve clipped descriptions from The Tale, in others, I’ve provide my own perspective.

This section may grow over time, but for now it will include these entries:

Kandol Elf Lord


Hali Halvyl



Kaphiri Fellstar

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