Fanar was a large continent in the northern part of the world.  The Empire of Sangrithar occupied western Fanar.

I know, Sangrar and Sangrithar sound awfully similar.  Sangrar is the name of the world and Sangrithar is the name of the empire in western Fanar.  It all makes etoymological sense.  Raena named her amnesiac god Thar, which in her tongue meant stranger.  So, Sangrithar loosely translates to “stranger to Sangrar”.  During the first decade of Thar’s time on the world, when he transformed Sangrithar from a tiny fishing village to a mighty empire, his legend grew bright.  All along the coast, people whispered about the powerful stranger.  Given time and humanity’s innate ability to miscommunicate, the fishing village eventually came to be called Sangrithar, in honor of its leader.

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