By Neil Garson Porter, age 9

Copyright 2016 Neil Porter

 Once there was a little girl named Sarah.  It was her birthday.  She was turning six.  Her mom and dad took her out for a hike.  She saw a hut, it turned out to be a wizard’s hut.  So … like most little kids, she wanted to look at it and so she went inside the hut and the wizard caught her with his hands!  And then the mom noticed she was GONE!

So she and dad looked and looked still no sight of the girl so they called the police.  The police could not find her either because only kids can see the hut.  But … the wizard was not a bad mean wizard.  He was a nice wizard and so he raised Sarah and when she was fourteen, she was getting food for the wizard, but on every birthday, the parents would go out in the woods and wish that their daughter would come back.  The mom and dad saw a girl, and the girl, which was Sarah, saw her mom and dad as well and they noticed that it was Sarah and Sarah noticed that it was her mom and dad.   So, they took her home and they lived a good life.

The end.

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