The Erlikarrin are the evil gods flocking to Erlik’s banner. Strictly speaking, it refers to Cthar, Morkanis and Zara, whom he brought out of his nightmares to serve in the Darkhold.  Most historians also include Ymyryl, the daughter of Morkanis and Zara, and mistress of the Dark Lord’s Breeding Pits.

Erlikarrin translates to “the children of Erlik”.  Initially, it referred to the three offspring Erlik dreamt to life.  When Zara coupled with her brother Morkanis and subsequently gave birth to Ymyrl, the Mistress of the Pits became the fourth Erlikarrin.

Over time, the meaning of Erlikarrin expanded to encompass all of the evil gods – the initial three, Ymyrl, and the Ealar and Elehu who switched teams.  The term even included One-Eye.  Obviously, he wasn’t his own child that would be tricky even for a god.  It was just simpler to lump all the bad boys together.

One-Eye’s three kids took to the name Erlikarrin with relish, eventually earning nicknames that reflectied their lineage.  Cthar took on the nomme de guerre of Karrin White Mane, so named for his unnaturally white hair (if he hadn’t used his impressive shapechanging talents to change his appearance).  Morkanis was Karrin Black Eyes, because when he gave into the rage always simmering beneath the surface, his eyes turned black as coal.  Zara the Temptress went by Karrin Redblood, reflecting her almost bestial carnality.  Ymyrl, the Mistress of the Pits took on a name that spoke more to her inclinations than her appearance, Karrin Agony, which makes sense since her appearance varied.  These names first gained use shortly after the BUN, but didn’t take off until the Age of Man.

Here, then, is the list of the Erlikarrin:

Erlik (urr-lik), God of Darkness and the Night, the Dark Lord, One-Eye, the Dark One, the Prince of Darkness, the Dark Prince, Lord of the Pits, the Lord of the Purple Sun.  His favored weapons weres his dread whip of shadow and his falchion, Ikkar.   Pantheon:  Craeylu.

Cthar the Stealer of Souls (ch-thar), The Stealer of Souls, Karrin White Mane, God of Chaos and Nightmares.  The most dangerous of the original three Erlikarrin.

Morkanis the God-Brute (mor-kay-niss), the Arm of Death, Karrin Black Eyes, God of Death & Destruction.  One of the original three Erlikarrin.

Ymyrl, Mistress of the Pits (yim-ir-ill), Goddess of Plague, Famine, and Disease, daughter of Morkanis and Zara.  The fourth Erlikarrin.

Zara the Temptress (zah-rah), the Temptress, Karrin Redblood, Goddess of Lust, War, Destruction, Rape, Pillage, Plunder.  One of the original three Erlikarrin. 

Those were the OG Erlikarrin.  As I said above, by the Age of Man, Erlik expanded the ranks of the Erlikarrin.  He was a seducer and a whisperer of lies who preyed upon the gods’ worst fears.  More than one god fell victim to his silken tongue.

Rabyn (rah-bin), God of the Deep, Lord of the Deep, Death Lord of the High Seas. When his beloved Dolforro were lost in the Battle of Unending Night, Rabyn’s grief drove him mad, making him susceptible to the Dark Lord.  Later, he and Davyrma found each other.  The foundation of their love, if you can call it that, was their shared hatred of Umbar, which ultimately led to the battle with Umbar, Sangrithar and the legacy of the God-Emperors.  Pantheon:  Elehu


Davyrma (Duh-vir-mah), Goddess of Dragons, the Dragon Queen, Queen of the Night, the Chromatic Dragon, Five Heads of Death, Goddess of Fire, Destruction and Magik. Spending the Elder Days alone due to Norath’s Doom left Davyrma vulnerable.  After taking part in the Vanara plot, she turned to Rabyn and then the Dark Lord.  Pantheon:  Ealar.

Malunis (Mah-loo-niss), The Insane Goddess of Moons and Stars, the Wolf Maiden, The Lady of the Moons.  Formerly known as Ollare.  After Numra betrayed her (according to her interpretation of how it all went down), she swore allegiance to Erlik and took the name Malunis.  Pantheon:  Elehu

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