The grim warrior makes for one of the most interesting, and most misunderstood, characters in the Scales over Sangrithar trilogy.  I’ll fill you in on his background with short, bullet style comments, while trying to avoid too many spoilers.

– His mother was Ilnaya, the Queen of Dol Melerith and, once upon a time, the Swan Princess of Indalle.

– His father was Aeris, King of Dol Melerith, and prince of the Aerie, where the winged Mist Elves lived in the Elder Days.  Emerre was born without wings, like his mother, much to Aeris’s dissatisfaction.

– Half-brother to Maelryn the Vizier.  They had different fathers.

– Spent his first nine centuries at Pel Aesylle.

– Moved east with parents when Dol Melerith was established in the Dael Shaelyn.  He lived in the Grove of Stars for the next nine centuries.

– Emerre came to Sangrithar right after Arcanicles revealed Thar who was Umbar at Kandol’s request.  Emerre, along with Maelryn, would guide Thar’s daughters, thus fulfilling Kandol’s vow to watch over the girls.

– Served the Pearl Throne well and faithfully until Korak’s invasion seven hundred years after the time of Thar.  When Averanda was slain, Emerre took accountability to an extreme and hid in the dungeons of Gloryngael for the next thirty-seven hundred years.  I’d say that’s cruel and unusual by any standard, but it’s hard to appeal when the sentence is self-imposed.

– left the dungeons for wild, open spaces after the death of Darmyn the Righteous.  Though stuck in the cellar, Emerre still kept his ear to the ground.  While Darmyn ruled, he held hope that Sangrithar would find its way back to the glory days.  Tardyn the Slayer’s ascension put a sharp end to Emerre’s slim hope.  He decided enough was enough and took his leave of the capitol.  He begged Maelryn to come with him, but the Vizier would not forsake Sangrithar or the brothers’ vow to Kandol.

– Did Emerre leaving signify he’d come to terms with Avara’s death?  No, unfortunately.  Elven guilt can last an interminably long time.

– Emerre made Dol Melerith his first stop after leaving Sangrithar.  After thousands of years, he thought he’d say hello to dear old mom and dad.  The mom part went well.  Ilnaya was glad to have her son home again, but the dad part … well, that was another story.  Emerre and Aeris had issues not easily worked out.

– Emerre spent the next three centuries in the Shadowgrim battling Dark Ones.  At first, he  fought alone, until he met the one-armed warrior.  Guess who?  Yep, you got it.  The one who couldn’t be named.  I hope you guessed right.  I mean, come on.  There aren’t that many one-armed Elven warriors out there, are there?

– With someone to guard his back, Emerre put a big dent in the Shadow Lord’s hordes.  His biggest victory though, came not against Dark Ones, but against the web of lies in the capitol.  With his one-armed friend’s help, he learned the horrible truth.

– Emerre returned to the capitol, worried it would fall to shadow.  He had great intentions, but no one would listen to him.  After centuries as the Gloryngael Ghoul, his credibility was shot to hell.  Emerre’s maddening silence concerning his time away from the capitol only made matters worse.

– When the God-Emperor ordered Maelryn into exile with Hali, Emerre saw no choice but to ta along.  He had nothing to offer in the way of explanation that anyone would believe (based on past experience), so he offered none.  That close-tongued approach didn’t exactly endear him to Hali and the others.  Silent tends to breed suspicion, not trust.

– The quest took the company to Pel Aesylle, where Emerre reunited with Kandol.  The grim warrior took a chance and opened up to Kandol while Hali spent the weekend in Ardilun.  Despite Emerre’s conviction, Kandol wouldn’t listen.  He thought Emerre truthful, but a victim of the Dark Lord’s lies.  Years later, Kandol told me he’d made a huge mistake with Emerre, one he’d take back if he could have.  For all his power and all his wisdom, Kandol was not infallible.

– Emerre’s narrative continues in the Scales Over Sangrithar trilogy.  In Volume 2, he pays a visit to Dol Melerith.  Let’s just say the family reunion is … emotionally charged.  In Volume 3, the secrets Emerre has been carrying come out, leading to an explosive showdown.

– There’s another chapter to Emerre’s story, one covering the events after Hali’s confrontation with the God-Emperor.  I’ll save those for later.

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