Tyrnavalle History

Compared to mainland, Tynavalle was a wild and unsettled land for much of history.  Elves lived in the Quendi forest and Azmerath lay on the southern coast, but the sub-continent was otherwise relatively uninhabited until Hali arrived and settled the northern shores.

Kings of Halitai – a list of the Kings of Halitai

Tyrnavalle Chronicles –  a year by year chronicles of the sub-continent.

Barbarian Occupation – those pesky barbarians are mentioned all over the place, but who were they?

Tyrnavalle civilizations – a list of the Tyrnvalle’s city-states over the centuries

High Clerics of Deridean in Renk – a list of Deridean’s high priests in Renk

Tower of Renk – the origins of Renk’s famed tower and the wizards who occupied it.

Wizards of Tyrnavalle (the good ones) – some of the more well known good wizards over the years

Wizards of Tyrnvalle (not so good ones) – and their evil counterparts


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