Geography of the Elder Days

Aux (awx) – The Cavern of Vision and the home of the Seeress Norath, Aux was nestled deep in theCrystalCaves.

Boiling Bay – Sangrar’s rough northern sea, named for its choppy waters, and home to Umbar.

Caverns of Gloom – The shadowy caves in the southwestern region of Sangrar where Annumbra’s Seals were weakest.

Crystal CavesThe caves on Sangrar’s southeast promontory that were home to Norath the Seeress and the Pangral.

Curtains of Yarnor – A thirty-mile curtain of multi colored fog rising created by lava into the Gulf of Noontide from the Desert of Molten Fire.

Desert of Molten FireOnce a beautiful forest, the desert was created in the titanic battle between Erlik and the Craeylu.  It became a hot desert filled with volcanoes and rivers of molten lava and home to Yarnor the Ravager.

Elvetur (ell-vuh-toor) – The great forest in central Sangrar, home to Elves, Satyrs, Leprechauns, Wood Nymphs and other races of Faerie.

Green Hills – Small, gentle hills in Sangrar’s eastern meadows, home of the Gnomes.

Grove of the Silver Birch – The home of the Harnae, an enchanted grove in the Elvetur between the rivers Lorelin and Daraling.

Gulf of NoontideSangrar’s southern sea, home of Rabyn and the Dolforro.

Islands of Orlos (or-lohss) – A group of islands in the Gulf of Noontide, near the mouth of the River Daraling and home to Cerelim’s Sea Elves.

Jahar (juh-har) – A small hill in the Valleys of the Suns, Jahar was the holiest place on Sangrar in the Elder Days, the place where the World Walker bound the Dark Lord, the location of the Congress of the Gods, the Earth Mother’s seat of power, and the home of Leyrantha (lay-ran-thuh), the greatest of the Rings of Power.

Lake of Stormsa lake in eastern Sangrar, south of the Mountains of the Forge Folk.

Mount Aragal (Air-ah-gahl) – Dracorys’s home in the Mountains of Mist.

Mount Tarnillar (Tar-nill-ar)– The mountain above the Halls of Ruling.

Mount Tireal (Tyr-ee-ull) – The hill in the center of Nammovalle.  Nammoran’s tower, Tar-Caedyll, was at the summit.

Mount Viranax (Virr-uh-nax)– Davyrma’s home in the Mountains of the Forge Folk.

Mount Xorada  (Zorr-ah-dah)- Yarnor’s home in the Desert of Molten Fire.

Mountains of the Forge Folk – The large mountain range in northeastern Sangrar and home to Davyrma, the Dragon Queen.  Beneath the mountains lay the Dwarven nation of Caradar.

Mountains of Mist – The northwestern mountain range, home of Dracorys and Kandalla.

Rolling MeadowsPlains in western Sangrar, home of the Centaurs and Humak the Beast Lord

Ryndall Forest (Rin-dahl) – A thick forest in northwestern Sangrar, home of the Tympani, a race of timber folk, and the God Shamran.

Valleys of the Suns – The meadows of central Sangrar, home of the Ravirs and location of Jahar.  The Earth Mother could appear and often did at any ring of Stones, but Leyrantha, the Stones at Jahar, where Andis served as the Eyes of the World, was her favorite.

Westlands – The valleys of the west, between the river Beldalier and Giralag, home of the Halflings.

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