High level timeline

Years in the Elder Days 

1          The Firstborn awaken

1046    Kandol Elf Lord is born

2844    The Battle of Unending Night

3844    Kandol pulls down the Darkhold, shattering the world, and the Reckoning ensues.  Sangrar is remade without Spirit’s magik, the Heavens expand, the Vanara are conceived and Dragons come to the world.


Years in the Age of Man      (SY = Sangrithar Years   RY = Renk Years) 

1          Man awakens, the Days of Myth begin.  Though the earth song no longer sings, sorcery remains, now buffered by the Towers of Sorcery, constructs of Harnor’s design that will protect human sorcerers from the Spires of Thought unfettered power

1800    Thar who was Umbar arrives in Sangrithar (SY 1)

1929    Thar who was Umbar ascends to Heaven, his memories restored, with holy Raena (SY 130)

2500    The reign of the Priest-Kings begins in Sangrithar (SY 701)

3800    The reign of the God-Emperors begins in Sangrithar (SY 2001)

6525    Sangrithar Rebellion, Hali settles the Renk subcontinent  (SY 4726, RY 1)

7726    Dragon rending of Renk (SY 5927, RY1202)

8018    The barbarian conquest of Renk ends (SY 6219, RY 1494)

8632    Jerilyn arrives at Pel Aesylle and learns The Tale from Kandol (SY 6833, RY 2108)

8648    Jerilyn departs Pel Aesylle and meets the Herald (SY 6849, RY 2124)

8651    The Prophecies are fulfilled; the Long Night begins (SY 6852, RY 2127)


Years in the New Age

1          The world is remade.  Jerilyn begins writing The Tale of Ages.

2          Jerilyn meets up with Tarik

4          Jerilyn and Tarik part company

7          Jerilyn finishes writing The Tale and his memories fail.  He wanders centuries, never remembering more than ten years back.

1493    Anir, Arvon, Celtane and Nimas, the four sons of Tirel Irontree, unite the people and defeat Apothos the Dark, the Stygian Lord of the Zephyr Isles.  They found the Kingdom of Tirel, ending the Age of a Thousand Kingdoms.

3500    Jerilyn and Tarik reunite.  Tarik goes by the name Gerard and presents himself as a spellbinder from the school of Weyland the White in the Vale of Ferengali.  He spies Jerilyn on the streets of Dathyl, the Duchy of Arvon’s capitol and restores his memories.   They begin the custom of weekly dinners during which they reminisce and debate matters of the old world.

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