The Primals

The Primals, Zuras and Majestrix, found each other in the Void and transformed from silver and gold beings of light into fleshly raiment.  Then Bayonell the Herald appeared to them and showed them the extinguished Flame of Creation, which their love reignited.  With the Flame burning bright, they shrugged the Girdle, an protective veil formed from their collective will that kept the Voidd at bay.  Then, they brought for the Elemenes of which there were five (Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit) and from them formed the Heavens and the World of Sangrar.

They celebrated their new world with the Feast of Creation, from which came the plans and animals, and finally with the arrival of the Craeylu, the Gods of Creation, who would bring the Elder Races to the world.  The Primals then retired to Tar-Devalle, their home atop Mt. Olindar and watched the world unfold.

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