The Four Lords of the Seasons – The Craeylu Lillandra and Aerdran imprinted the Pattern of the Seasons upon the world and named four Elehu to champion the four seasons.  Spollnar watched over the Spring, Solare was the Summer Lord, Garruth the Laughing God preside over the Fall and the harvest while Kandalla Bluebeard ruled the barren Winter.

Celetran, the Lady of Esel (kell-lih-trahn) – my word, where to begin, what to tell you about Celetran? She and Kandol were particularly close, she always was fond of those from the House of Nammoran, so naturally, I know more about her than some of the others.  To start, she had many names – Goddess of the Heavens & the Stars, The Judge, The Deliverer, The Lady of Justice, Sky Sister, Mistress of Fate, Mistress of the Firmament and most famously, the Lady of Esel or simply, the Lady.  She was also a servant of the Balance, though none knew that, and she lived in Belecontar, the Winking Star, with Annumbra the World Walker.  To her fell the task of dispensing the gods’ justice.  During the Elder Days she would watch from Esel, appearing before offenders to mete out her version of a just sentence.  Her reputation endured throughout the Age of Man too, even in the time of the Curse.  Not even the God-emperors could silence her legend.   She was one of the randier gods too, until the rise of the Vanara, and she visited Sangrar often to cavort with those of the Elder Races, which I always found somewhat ironic, given that she was the chief enforcer of Lillandra’s Ban.

Garruth the Laughing God (gehr-rooth), God of Fall, God of the Harvest, God of the Earth, The Laughing God, Master of the Golden Bulls, Garruth was one of the four lords of the seasons.  Of all the gods, he and Spollnar were the only couple.  As a whole, the gods were loners and placed more emphasis on pantheonic loyalties and sibling ties than traditiional male/female relationships.  Garruth called no particular place home, he wandered the earth with Spollnar, his bellow could be heard for miles, ploughing the land with his team of golden bulls, Nikomu and Harran.

Kandalla Bluebeard (kann-dah-lah), God of Winter, Lord of the Blizzard, Lord Bluebeard, God of Snow and Air, Lord of the Barren World, Lord of Air, Kandallla was one of the four lords of the seasons and lived in the Mountains of Mist most of the year. He came down to the valleys and lowlands during winter to breath winter upon the land.

Ollare Sky Sister (oh-lahr), Caretaker of the Stars, Ollare lived with her sister, Celetran, in Esel, where she tended the stars and explored the Girdle’s folds with her love, Numra.  During the Darkening, Numra did her great insult and she turned her back on him and the other gods, eventually falling prey to the Dark Lord’s seduction.

Rabyn of the Deeps (rah-bin), God of the Deep, Lord of the Deep, Death Lord of the High Seas.  He swam in the Gulf of Noontide, where he was always close to his beloved Dolforro.  When the dolphin-men were slaughtered, Rabyn became so despondent that he grew mad with grief, making him susceptible to the Dark Lord’s whispers.

Solare the Summer Lord (so-lah-ray), God of Summer, Master of the Three Suns, the Day Lord, God of Fire, God of Farming, Solare was one of the four lords of the seasons.  He lived inside the Three Suns, spending time equally in Edda, Imma and Olla.

Spollnar the River Goddess (spoll-nahr), Goddess of the Spring, the Faerie Queen, the Blessed Lady, Goddess of Water, Healing & Life, Spollnar was one of the four lords of the seasons and wandered the world with her husband, Garruth the Laughing God, calling no particular place home..

Umbar the Wave (oom-bahr), Lord of Sea and Storm, God of the Oceans, Lord of the High Seas, the Wave Rider, Umbar the Conquerer, Lord of Storms, God of Sailors.  Umbar lived in the Boilng Bay, in the northern part of the world.during the Elder Days.  Not long after the Vanara arose, he and Rabyn confronted one another in the seas of Heaven and Umbar lost.  He fell from Heaven and landed in Sangrithar with no memories.  He led the tiny fishing village for more than a century, transforming it into the great empire that would last for millenia, until Sudnar found him and restored his memories.

Yarnor the Ravager (yarr-norr), God of Fire, the Ravager, the Destroyer, Spirit of The Flame, lived atop Mount Xorada in the Desert of Molten Fire, where he helped forge Caerycal, the Sword of Heaven, the blade the Warrior was destined to wield in the final battle against the Dark Lord.

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