Hali Halvyl

Hali Halvyl has star billing in the Scales over Sangrithar trilogy.  At the time the story takes place, he is Lord Warden (top dog) commanding Sangrithar’s legions.  As Sangrithar’s commanding officer in the field, he answers only to the God-Emperor.

Hali descends from Ataryl the First, just as the God-Emperor does, making him and Torval cousins of sorts.  When the story opens, Hali is close to two centuries old and he’s held his position the past hundred years.  He’s not immortal like the Fair Folk, but the blood of Thar who was Umbar running in his veins grants him a long span of years.  Most Sangritharian nobles can claim a drop or two of divine blood.

Hali is a patriot.  He loves Sangrithar dearly, but does not love the God-Emperor. How could he ever love the man who masterminded the murder of his wife and child? But, the magikal compulsion Ataryl the First set upon his heirs bonds Hali to the God-Emperor and the Pearl Throne.  Because of the compulsion, Hali commits atrocities for which he can never forgive himself.

As for appearance, Hali resembles the actor Tom Berenger, but is barely aware of his Hollywood good looks.  Since his wife’s death, he’s thrown himself into his work, both to protect people from the worst of the God-Emperor’s mad whims and to avoid forming any other attachments.  The only person close to him is Kaphiri Fellstar, his friend since childhood.

To learn how Hali came to be the man you met in Scales over Sangrithar, check this out …

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