Perk Noir


Perk Noir:  A Mason Barnes Mystery

Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing

What do jazz, coffee, football, and ninja girls have in common? Me, that’s who. Mason Ezekiel Barnes.  I’m a retired NFL tackle turned author, a big-headed man (as in large, not proud) living in a world dominated by small-headed people like Conrad Bancroft, whose noggin isn’t much bigger than a light bulb.  That twerpy little gnome thinks his writing puts mine to shame.  So far, the critics agree, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why. His latest novel was about buffalo, for God’s sake!  Don’t the adventures of my naughty ninja, Mia Killjoy, taking on the evil Dr. Cockadoodle sound more interesting than Bancroft’s snooze fest?

Fine. If a licensed to kill ninja-assassin trained by Yeti-worshipping Tibetan monks can’t win the hearts and minds of literary aficionados around the globe, then I know just the ticket – Perk Noir, the one-of-a-kind jazz coffee shop where Bancroft and I ply our craft.  The joint is thick with mysteries.  When I solve them, I will win my Pulitzer. Then I’ll watch the gnome weep.

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Perkheads and Perkmeisters

The Mia Killjoy Saga 

Barnes Family Pooches


The amazing Jeffrey Kosh created the cover for Perk Noir:  A Mason Barnes Mystery.  Jeffrey has done all the covers for Optimus Maximus Publishing and much, much more.  You can view more of his work in this gallery.

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