Two-Bit Stories

Love to read but can’t find the time? Try Two-Bit stories, sold by the bundle. Each volume contains four stories of one thousand words. Perfect for when you only have a few minutes to spare.  They’re available on Amazon as e-books. You can get all nine volumes with one simple click on the image below.

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside each volume

Volume 1: Loopers .

Tomorrow – you always haves tomorrow
Angel – if she’s too good to be true …
Demon – from whence doth demons come?
Fate – love always triumphs

Volume 2: Proverbs

Pigs Fly – will Jenny ever love Hal?
Seeing is Believing – Sophie has a secret
Using Your Head – don’t sell the hunchback short
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover – Beauty is in the eye of the beholders

Volume 3: Silly Stories

Half-cat – what’s a half-cat?
Couponing – there’s a coupon for everything
Jodhpurs – what strange pants you have
Squirrel – thank God for nitrous

Volume 4: Creepy Stories

No More Tears – terror in the dark
Shattered – will Ben do it? More importantly, should Ben do it?
Panic – people quit bad bosses more than bad jobs
Ghost Call – who could be calling?

Volume 5: Corporate Fables

Teambuilding – know your mates!
JvP – More TV theme songs?
Flocking – we are creatures of habit
The Meeting that Wouldn’t End – Can’t we adjourn?

Volume 6: Serious Stories

Air Freshener – what does white smell like?
Siblings – can a sister forgive?
Finding Voice – a coming out story
Full Circle Ginger – a full distance romance

Volume 7: TrumPolitics

Election Night – sometimes you gotta turn it off
Trumpinocchio – every time the little puppet lied …
All by Myself – the boy in the castle is so lonely
The President’s New News – alternative facts rule

Volume 8: Holiday & Birthday Stories

Christmas in July – who says Xmas must be in December?
French Silk Pie – a happy Veteran’s Day
Father’s Day – snooping doesn’t pay
Don’t blow out the Candles – we don’t need no stinkin’ rules!

Volume 9: Curses & Conspiracies

Travel Gods – bad mojo in the skies

A Two-Bit Trilogy: The Lemon Saga
Part 1: I love my car
Part 2: I like my car
Part 3: I hate my car

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