The Vanara were Sangrar’s youngest generation of gods, coming into the world (well, actually, the Heavens.  Unlike the Gods of Light, the Vanara never lived on the mortal world).  during the Reckoning, between the Elder Days and the Age of Mankind.  Born of both Ealar and Elehu  and inheriting the best of both lineages, the Vanara were a new breed of god, destined to lead the hosts of Heaven in the final battle against the Dark Lord and to provide inspiration for awakening mankind. The story of how the Vanara came to be, is one of Sangrar’s great tales. In this version, Ankerrafang, an ancient silver wyrm, shares the story in the old style, with Hali and his companions during their great quest.

Annumbra (ah-noom-brah), the daughter of Spirit and Finbardin, Annumbra was known as the World Walker, the Lady of Belecontar, the Mistress of the Ley Lines, the Binder of the Darkhold, the Keeper of the Rites, Goddess of the Earth song, Mystery, Nature.  During the Elder Days, she lived in Belecontar, the Winking Star, with Celetran.

Bangal (ban-gahl) Master of the Halls of the Dead, the Rainbow Lord.  God of the Dead, Mystery and Wisdome.  Son of Celetran and Sudnar.

Beldar (bell-dahr), God of Strength, War, and Glory.  Beldar the Bear, Champion of War and Glory.  Son of Umbar and Davyrma (before she became evil).

Glorianna (glorr-ee-ann-nah), Goddess of Love, Beauty, Passion and the Hearth.  Daughter of Yarnor and Norath.   Glorianna the Rose, Mistress of Passion and Beauty.

Numra (noom-rah), the son of Spirit and Finbardin, Numra was known as the Great Explorer, the God of the Secret Fire, the Rekindler, the Maker of the Moons, God of Travel, Exploration , the Moons, the Stars and Mystery.  During the Elder Days, he lived in Esel, often traveling with Ollare while she saw to the stars.  He carried a black metal staff named Beleos.

Pugnar (poog-nahr), God of the Arena and Combat, The Holy Crusader, God of War, The Mighty Lion.  Son of Dracorys (as female) and Garruth.  Lord of the Arena, the Lion Crusader, Lord of the Gift,

Vitale (vee-tah-lay), God of Victory, War, the Lifter of Oppression.  Son of Spollnar and Shamran.

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