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In the Elder Days, everyone was born with some sorcery and none were more blessed than the Fair Folk, though the talent levels between the tribes varied greatly.  High Elves had the most talent, followed closely by Fair Elves and Grey Elves and at the other end of  the spectrum were Wild Elves and Wood Elves, who could barely outcast the Pangral.

Upon awakening, the Elven Secondborn chose the eight Elven kings and queens of old, one for each of the tribes, based on sorcerous talent, as measured by the brightness of their auras.  All of them had formidable will and were capable of casting powerful spells, though none could match Nammoran.  In addition wielding strong sorcery, all the kings and queens were channelers and some were Earthmages.

Sadly, the stature of the Elves, like all the Elder Races, diminished with each generation, reducing  their sorcery, but distance from the Pool of Life couldn’t fully account for the drop in power from era to era.   More influential was the Suns’ Radiance.  The Fair Folk of Quendi were beautiful indeed, more graceful than anyone had a right to be, and had such power as to make mankind tremble, yet they were nothing before the power of Kandol, last lord of the Elder Days born under the Full Radiance of the Three Suns.

According to Kandol, the Elders of Alyrre ranked the Elven sorcerers of the Elder Days and with his help, I added to the list.  Remember, Secondborn means first generation and second generation refers to the children of the Secondborn.  High Elves are highlighted in bold.

1)         Nammoran the Firstborn, he had strongest will

2)         Kandol, his Earthmagery propelled him to the near top of the list

3)         Nammydan, the greatest spell caster of all time

4)         Viranor, Secondborn and king of the Fair Elves

5)         Elveros, Secondborn and king of the Grey Elves

6)         Ylindelay, though she was the equal of her father Viranor when it came to enchantments

7)         Elras, who had great talent and will, but little mastery.  Had he studied more, he might have been stronger than Kandol

8)         Cerelim, Secondborn and king of the Sea Elves

9)         Aelynar, Secondborn and king of the Mist Elves

10)       Arethnal, Secondborn king of the Light Elves, Arethnal was also a powerful channeler and Earthmage

11)       Haleya, Secondborn and king of the Wild Elves

12)       Lindarelle, Secondborn and queen of the Wood Elves, Lindarelle was also a powerful channeler and Earthmage

13)       Elryssa, a second generation Grey Elf, very strong in illusions

Note, at this point the flavor of the list changes.  Coming in at #13 and higher were individuals, but for #14 and below, I left off individual names in lieu of  generational and tribal entries.  Kandol provided more detail, but I took some liberties with his information as many of those names would have been unknown to you.  Instead, I opted for sweeping generalities, to give you better context.

14)       Most Secondborn High Elves

15)       Most Second generation High Elves

16)       Secondborn Fair Elves

17)       Secondborn Grey Elves

18)      Third generation High Elves

19)       Secondborn Sea Elves

20)       Secondborn Mist Elves

21)       Secondborn Light Elves,

22)       Second generation Fair Elves, Grey Elves

23)       Fourth generation High Elves

24)       Secondborn Wild Elves

25)       Secondborn Wood Elves

26)       Fifth generation High Elves

27)      Third generation Fair Elves, Grey Elves

28)      Second generation Sea, Mist, Light, Wild, Wood Elves

29)      Any Elf born after the Darkening of the Suns, when the differences between the tribes began to dwindle

30)      Any Elf born after the Reckoning, when tribal influences had virtually disappeared.

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