Descent of the God-Emperors

The page illustrates the well-documented lineage of the God-Emperors, from Thar to the last of them, Torval Waverider,

This first chart shows at a glance the path from Thar to Hali.  Dotted lines indicate that one or more generations have been skipped and solid lines illustrate direct descent.  The top half of the chart lists Thar, Raena, their daughters,the first Priest-Kings, and Ardyval, the lost heir.   The bottom half shows Arlyn, Ardyval’s descendent raised in Pel Aesylle, Arlyn’s marriage with Gwynndyl and the birth of Ataryl the First, followed by the two houses descending from Ataryl – Ardwynn and the God-Emperors and the Lord Wardens beginning with Halvyl.

This second chart shows descent of the Priest-Kings in detail from Thar to Ataryl the First.

And lastly, a chart displaying the descent of the God-Emperors and Lord Wardens, from Ataryl the First to Torval Waverider Ardwynn and Hali Halvyl.

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