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High Elves

This picture shows the the Lords of the High Elves, beginning with Nammoran the Firstborn.

Age of Man – Tyrnavalle 

Tolandyr led the Sea Elves for the first eight millenia or so and when he finally took the Path, his great-grandson Eretol succeeded him.  This chart shows Eretol’s lineage.

Tyrnavalle’s other Elvenhome was in the Quendi Forest.  When Hali and his band of merry men arrived, Haleya II led the Quendi Elves and his daughter, Indirel, was hot stuff.  When Hali left the Quendi to continue his quest, Emerre stayed behind, arm slung around her waist.  Quite a bit more happened during Hali’s Quendi layover, but I don’t want to spoil everything.  Emerre and Indirel’s three sons led the Fair Folk on Tyrnavalle through most of the Renk era and into the New Age.

First, Indirel’s lineage.  Emerre’s is on the High Elf chart.

Charting Indirel and Emerre’s kids is where it gets tricky.  The events of the New Age are not part of The Tale, Tirel was a new and different world, but I felt I should extend these charts into the New Age.  Doing so gives you a better sense of time, a better appreciation for the immensely long reigns these Elven lords enjoyed.

When the worlds transitioned, Elven memories faded slower than Mankind’s.  It took the passage of generations for them to truly fade and for the Fair Folk, that took time, though a little less than it could have.  The Fair Folk who continued from Sangrar into Tirel were never fully satisfied, and on their worst days, confused.  They could look into the sky, almost remembering that they used to call it Esel, not sure if it held one sun or three.  They didn’t stay on Tirel that long, Erebald being the most notable exception.  .

Here’s a quick reference chart:

Son House Location
Erebald House of the Crescent Moon Quendi Forest
Erellen House of the Blue Star Fillani Jungle
Inerem House of the Rising Sun Eastern Jungle

And before I show you all the gory details, a chart to set context.  Pay attention to the colors, they represent different points in time.  I used Hali as an anchor, figuring   that would help those of you who’ve read that part of The Tale.

Below, you’ll find a chart for each of Emerre and Indirel’s sons.  I’ll lead with Erebald, the oldest’s.  Erebald stayed in Quendi after Emerre’s death and succeeded him as the Fair Folk’s king.  The House of the Crescent Moon was christened in 320 RT, though the Elves had inhabited the Quendi since the beginning of the age.


Next up is the House of the Blue Star, founded by Erellan, Emerre’s middle son, along the banks of the great river.  Erellan’s people befriended Tolandyr’s Sea Elves on the islands to the south.  The chart includes Erellan’s first wife, Birae of Halitai. Erellen fell in love with the human Birae when he was a young Elf, it was really rather scandalous. Their daughter, Eremellas, was an enchantress who served the Kings of Halitai.  Eremellas’s descendant was Nov, the ranger of Renk who married Ellerene (Erebald’s daughter)  centuries later.  Erellan took Vivanye as his second wife several centuries after Birae had taken the Long Walk.

Last of the three houses of Tyrnavalle’s Elves is the House of the Rising Sun, led by Inerem.  These Elves lived in the jungles north of Azmerath, near the eastern coast of Tyrnavalle

And finally, there’s the House of Nov.  Though not Elven, this noble human house is related to the Elven Lords more than once, they’re an example of how the long life span of Elves complicates matters.  The Nov family history continues into the New Age, when they founded and ruled the independent city-state of Telnor.

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