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Compared to Fanar, Tyrnavalle remained a wild and unsettled land until the end of days.  Rough terrain made trade difficult and kept civilizations apart.  The nations of Tyrnavalle most resembled your ancient Greek city-states.  Each nation controlled the land it could see and patrol, but not much farther than that – it simply wasn’t practical or affordable to overextend the arm of protection.  Also, the early settlers weren’t inclined to world build.  They were escaping the tyranny of the God-Emperors and had not wish to create a new empire.

The founding years of Tyrnavalle’s city-states during the Age of Mankind are listed below and where appropriate, the city-state’s last year.  Not surprisingly, some sites were the location of more than one city over time.  The criteria didn’t change too much from one century to the next..

Azmerath – along the southern shore of Tyrnavalle.

-726       City of Azmerath founded in the south  by settlers from the western continent


Halitai – along northern shore of Tyrnavalle.

2              City of Halitai founded

108         Kingdom of Halitai founded

418         Kingdom of Halitai comes to an end

1205       City of Halitai destroyed by Pelavin the Conqueror


Renk – in the center of the sub-continent, between the Malachai Hills and the Achmad Mountains

26           City of Renk founded


Carrack – along the eastern shore of Tyrnavalle, near the future site of Bayor

Bayor – along the eastern shore, near the former site of Carrack

32           City of Carrack founded

211         City of Carrack destroyed by raiders from the Eastern Isles

662         City of Carrack founded for the second time

881         City of Carrack destroyed by Utnam, a warlord from the Eastern Isles.

980         City of Bayor founded on the ruins of Carrack


Pylos – along the western shore of Tyrnavalle, just south of the Highpeak Mountains.

44           City of Pylos founded

1198       City of Pylos destroyed by barbarians


Norawann – inland, on the great forest in western Tyrnavalle

47           City of Norawann founded

341         City of Norawann destroyed, along with the forest.  Entire region reduced to badlands.


Uves – on the northwest tip of Tyrnavalle, near the future location of Everett.


Everett – on the northwest tip of Tyrnavalle, near the former location of Uves.

293         City of Uves founded

397         City of Uves destroyed by pirates

1578       City of Everett founded


Selnor – on the northeast tip of Tyrnavalle, on the future site of Enlas


Enlas – on the northeast tip of Tyrnavalle, on the former site of Selnor

618         City of Selnor founded

937         City of Selnor destroyed by Barayorg, the eastern warlord succeeding Utnam

1205       City of Enlas founded by Ardallin, last of Fanar’s barbarians to rule Tyrnavalle.


Khantai – at the southern end of the Tallmeadow Plains, just north of the Fillani Jungle.

547         City of Khantai founded by settlers from Azmerath



353         After Dalin All-Father passes away, some Dwarves leave the Highpeaks and migrate to the Achmad Mountains to form the second Dwarf home on Tyrnavalle under the leadership of Dalin’s son, Dan

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