Elder Days History

Technically, the Elder Days didn’t begin until the Firstborn landed at Jahar, but I’m starting this section at the beginning.  You know, the real beginning, as in the Age of Beginnings.  Sangrar’s big bang, so to speak.

Back then, the world didn’t have people, only gods.  Shit, at the beginning of the beginning there wasn’t even a world.  It all began in the Void, or so Kandol called it.  I know it as the Greater Realm, and so should you by now.

The Sword is Forged, the first volume in The Tale of Ages  will tell the full tale of the Elder Days (and the earlier stuff).  I have a draft written, but it needs some serious attention before you can read it.  The good news is you can learn a good chunk of what happens in that book by reading this site.  More good news is that the timeline in this section will give you a good overview of what’s happened.  The bad news is that I don’t know when I’ll get around to redrafting The Sword is Forged.

At any rate, this should satisfy some of your curiosity:

The Age of Beginnings

The Years of Making (Age of Creation, part 1)

The Years of Glory (Age of Creation, part 2)

The Battle of Unending Night 

The Years of Twilight (aka Age of Tears)

The Reckoning of the Planes

Note – officially, the Elder Days started with the Years of Glory and ended with the Years of Twilight.   I have made a chart depicting the different eras.  It’s not great, but it’s the best someone with my limited graphic talents can do.

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